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  1. a serving dish
  2. if you boil it, it is boiled
  3. a fussy eater
  4. if you fry it, it is fried: stir fried, deep fat fried, flash fried, saute
  5. fresh
  1. a food recently made or picked
  2. b food cooked by submerging it in boiling hot [bubbling hot] water
  3. c a person who has very particular demands when eating and dislikes many types of food
  4. d food cooked in oil, generally referring to "deep fat fried" or submerged in a "fry vat" of very hot oil. "fried" can also refer to food cooked in a small amount of oil in a frying pan
  5. e a dish that holds a larger portion of food to be divided into individual servings; no one uses their personal flatware to eat directly from the serving dish, it is a common plate that holds food to be eaten by more than one person

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  1. animals that are fed in the open & allowed to graze & move around rather than confined to a narrowly defined cage or a crowed enclosed group area
  2. a large shallow dish used for serving food; a serving dish
  3. has substances added to it before it is sold, in order to preserve it, improve its colour, etc.
  4. ableware implements for cutting and eating food
  5. a person who slaughters or dresses meat for market

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  1. starters, appetizersglassware that has three parts- a bowl, a stem, and a foot [or base].


  2. the "work center" in a kitchen isa place where people come to buy & sell fresh fruit, vegetables & other food stuffs often locally grown or locally produced, usually seasonal. In most parts of the US, the farmer's market is usually not open for all 12 months of the year, dependent on the region's growing season


  3. low-fatfood with less fat


  4. a stove or "stove-top"is a kitchen appliance used to cook or heat food, often refers to the "burners" [heating elements or gas flame] on top of the oven, with "the oven" referring to the are for enclosed heating


  5. organicfoods grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones