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  1. make a reservation
  2. the farmer's market
  3. family style dining
  4. low salt
  5. to slice; is sliced, thick sliced, thin sliced, paper thin slices
  1. a a style serving a meal that allows diners to join others in an arrangement where large dishes of food are placed on a table & passed among those who are dining, for self-service
  2. b to cut meat, bread, vegetables etc into thin flat pieces
  3. c a food prepared with less salt for heart health. low-salt is not the same as "salt-free" or "unsalted"
  4. d a place where people come to buy & sell fresh fruit, vegetables & other food stuffs often locally grown or locally produced, usually seasonal. In most parts of the US, the farmer's market is usually not open for all 12 months of the year, dependent on the region's growing season
  5. e an arrangement with a restaurant to hold a table, or with a hotel to hold a room, for a guest on a given date at a given time

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  1. a store that sells fresh meat, may also be used to refer to the section of a larger grocery store where the store's butcher is found & the meat is displayed
  2. food with less fat
  3. to eat a meal, usual refers to dinner or supper [main meal of the day] but in a restaurant can refer to customers who have come to eat, any time of day, any meal.
  4. a workplace where baked goods (breads & cakes & pastries) are produced or sold; may be its own shop or be part of a larger grocery store
  5. food cooked on the grill over a flame

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  1. knife: bread knife [dull], steak knife [sharp for cutting meat at the table], kitchen knifeto cut something into smaller pieces


  2. to butcherto kill animals & prepare the meat for food consumption


  3. the "work center" in a kitchen isan imaginary triangle formed by the refrigerator, stove and sink; the major work centers in a home kitchen.


  4. stemware isfood cooked at home


  5. starters, appetizersa cooking unit with a radiant heat source located above the food- generally used to cook at high heat for a shorter time than "roasting"