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  1. the broiler
  2. BBQ
  3. dessert
  4. a serving dish
  5. if you roast it, it is roasted, & is "a roast"
  1. a what you eat after the main course
  2. b Cooked on a barbaque [a flame grill], &/or seasoned with BBQ Sauce
  3. c meat cooked in the oven
  4. d a cooking unit with a radiant heat source located above the food- generally used to cook at high heat for a shorter time than "roasting"
  5. e a dish that holds a larger portion of food to be divided into individual servings; no one uses their personal flatware to eat directly from the serving dish, it is a common plate that holds food to be eaten by more than one person

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  1. monosodium glutamate, a white crystal, added to enhance flavor. Many people are sensitive or allergic to MSG
  2. a large thick piece of something that does not have an even shape
  3. food with a lot of salt & a strong salt flavor
  4. the section in a kitchen that has been designed around a specific activity.
  5. "Produce" = fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market

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  1. humane farminganimals that are fed in the open & allowed to graze & move around rather than confined to a narrowly defined cage or a crowed enclosed group area


  2. low saltfood with less fat


  3. if you bake it, it is baked. [other common references: "baked goods" "from the bakery" & "fresh baked"]food cooked in the oven


  4. Au jusa gravy or other flavored blend [usually liquid] used to accent or enrich the taste of food, served as an accompaniment or "drizzled" on top of the food or around the dish before serving


  5. appetizera person who slaughters or dresses meat for market