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  1. soupy
  2. if you broil it is broiled, or char broiled
  3. the broiler
  4. salty
  5. to drizzle
  1. a food with a lot of salt & a strong salt flavor
  2. b cooked by direct heat, as over a fire, on grill or under an oven broiler
  3. c a cooking unit with a radiant heat source located above the food- generally used to cook at high heat for a shorter time than "roasting"
  4. d to drip a carefully controlled amount of sauce, gravy or icing over a food item in a thin stream, generally controlling the flow & amount drizzled for its attractive visual proportions as well as its proportional flavor contribution to the main food item.
  5. e like, thick liquid, resembling soup; gushy & soft

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  1. to eat a meal, usual refers to dinner or supper [main meal of the day] but in a restaurant can refer to customers who have come to eat, any time of day, any meal.
  2. food cooked by submerging it in boiling hot [bubbling hot] water
  3. food cooked in steam (vapor), food cooked above boiling water (not in the water)
  4. foods grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones
  5. food cooked on the grill over a flame

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  1. a microwave oven, or "the microwave"is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it


  2. a stove or "stove-top"food you buy at a restaurant & take home


  3. A la cartea gravy or other flavored blend [usually liquid] used to accent or enrich the taste of food, served as an accompaniment or "drizzled" on top of the food or around the dish before serving


  4. processed foodfood recently made or picked


  5. table linenstablecloths, placemats and napkins