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  1. a chunk; a piece; a section
  2. a platter
  3. table appointments are
  4. homemade
  5. cage free
  1. a a large shallow dish used for serving food; a serving dish
  2. b food cooked at home
  3. c all the items needed at the table to serve and eat a meal.
  4. d animals that are fed in the open & allowed to graze & move around rather than confined to a narrowly defined cage or a crowed enclosed group area
  5. e a large thick piece of something that does not have an even shape

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  1. a cooking unit with a radiant heat source located above the food- generally used to cook at high heat for a shorter time than "roasting"
  2. a person who has very particular demands when eating and dislikes many types of food
  3. what you eat before the main course; meant to stimulate not satisfy the appetite
  4. a style of serving a food where serving dishes of food are placed on a "buffet" [usually a long table for only food, dishes & flatware]. Diners take plate & serve themselves from the buffet, then move to another table to seat to eat.
  5. what you eat after the main course

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  1. dinnerwareincludes glasses of many shapes & sizes for different types of drinks.


  2. gravyfood recently made or picked


  3. the farmer's marketa workplace where baked goods (breads & cakes & pastries) are produced or sold; may be its own shop or be part of a larger grocery store


  4. processed foodhas substances added to it before it is sold, in order to preserve it, improve its colour, etc.


  5. glasswareincludes glasses of many shapes & sizes for different types of drinks.