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  1. salty
  2. antibiotic-free
  3. to stir; is then stirred, stirred in, stirred together, blended
  4. organic
  5. MSG
  1. a foods grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones
  2. b Antibiotics kill bacteria & other microorganisms. Foods with this labeling claim to have been raised without the use of antibiotics in the farming process.
  3. c monosodium glutamate, a white crystal, added to enhance flavor. Many people are sensitive or allergic to MSG
  4. d to mix; to move a liquid or substance around with a spoon or stick in order to mix it together
  5. e food with a lot of salt & a strong salt flavor

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  1. the section in a kitchen that has been designed around a specific activity.
  2. a marketplace where groceries are sold; the grocer sells groceries in a grocery store, usually a larger business not limited to food only
  3. includes all the pieces used by one person. Usually includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, cup, and saucer.
  4. this means that the animals used for food products were raised & housed in reasonably clean & uncrowded conditions where they received reasonable care during feeding & when the animal products were harvested [as in milking]. This claim also suggests the use of more compassionate forms of slaughter, when animals are killed for food.
  5. food cooked in steam (vapor), food cooked above boiling water (not in the water)

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  1. family style dininga style serving a meal that allows diners to join others in an arrangement where large dishes of food are placed on a table & passed among those who are dining, for self-service


  2. if you broil it is broiled, or char broiledcooked by direct heat, as over a fire, on grill or under an oven broiler


  3. frozenwhat you use to clean your mouth


  4. main coursea gravy or other flavored blend [usually liquid] used to accent or enrich the taste of food, served as an accompaniment or "drizzled" on top of the food or around the dish before serving


  5. Dutch treatan arrangement of paying in which each person pays his own way; to "Go Dutch"; to "Split the check"