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  1. salty
  2. Dutch treat
  3. starters, appetizers
  4. the oven
  5. organic
  1. a what you eat before the main course; meant to stimulate not satisfy the appetite
  2. b the kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
  3. c food with a lot of salt & a strong salt flavor
  4. d foods grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones
  5. e an arrangement of paying in which each person pays his own way; to "Go Dutch"; to "Split the check"

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  1. food cooked in the oven
  2. food recently made or picked
  3. includes all the pieces used by one person. Usually includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, cup, and saucer.
  4. light food or beverage that begins a meal and is designed to stimulate the appetite
  5. to mix; to move a liquid or substance around with a spoon or stick in order to mix it together

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  1. a serving spoona spoon that stays with the serving dishes & is used to place food servings on individual plates; no one puts the serving spoon to their mouth since it is the spoon everyone's food shares


  2. to peel; is then peeled, is without its skinto remove the skin from fruit or vegetables


  3. a salad barfood offered with a separate price for each food item on the menu


  4. make a reservationan arrangement with a restaurant to hold a table, or with a hotel to hold a room, for a guest on a given date at a given time


  5. a serving disha dish that holds a larger portion of food to be divided into individual servings; no one uses their personal flatware to eat directly from the serving dish, it is a common plate that holds food to be eaten by more than one person


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