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  1. Resistance in a circuit
  2. Farad
  3. Variations in populations
  4. Amps
  5. Advantage of both eyes facing forward
  1. a R (total)= R1 + R2 + R3 etc
  2. b Increases depth perception
  3. c The capacitance of a capacitor is measured in a unit called a farad
  4. d Measurement of the amount of electric current, the number of electrons that pass a given point at a given time
  5. e Mutations
    Sexual reproduction

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  1. A switch changes voltages in a circuit trigger the transistor to switch on another device
  2. Involves humans selecting desirable traits in organisms and developing particular breeds or varieties of plants or animals
  3. Fossil formed when the organic matter decays and is replaced by a different mineral that forms a copy of the original structure
  4. Indicator Fossils
    Use of Radioisotopes
    Carbon 14 Printing
  5. Early name given to modern humans

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  1. BiogeographyThis refers to the study of the present and past distribution of organisms


  2. RadioisotopesRadio carbon dating useful for dating organic matter less than 50,000 years old. Half like of carbon is about 5,700 years


  3. NeanderthalThe capacitance of a capacitor is measured in a unit called a farad


  4. CarboxylCOOH
    Must remove a CH3 Group


  5. Trace FossilsFossils displaying indirect evidence of previous life.
    EG: Worms, burrows, footprints