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  1. Hominids
  2. Neanderthal
  3. Disadvantage of both eyes facing forward
  4. Indicator/ Index Fossils
  5. Bipedal
  1. a Fossils that have a limited geologic time range and can be used to date other fossils
  2. b Classification of modern humans and their human like ancestors 6 million years ago
  3. c The ability to walk on 2 feet
  4. d Field of vision is limited
  5. e The extinct species of human like creatures

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  1. A group of atoms that gives a characteristic set of properties to a molecule containing that group
  2. *The current is divided between components
    *The voltage is the same in the parallel parts of the circuit
  3. A device that can store electrical charge. It builds up negative charges on one metal plate and leaves excess positive charges on its other metal plate
  4. Radio carbon dating useful for dating organic matter less than 50,000 years old. Half like of carbon is about 5,700 years
  5. We live in this era. Quaternary period, recent

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  1. DiodeA device that allows current to pass only in one direction


  2. CastsMeasurement of the amount of electric current, the number of electrons that pass a given point at a given time


  3. EmbryologyAre structures that can be shown to be derived from a common ancestor. Structures that are different but are homologous are produced as result of divergent evolution


  4. Cro MagnumsThe skull


  5. HomininClassification of modern humans and their human like ancestors 6 million years ago