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  1. Why was working for another seen as demeaning for an Athenian citizen?
  2. How old did Athenian citizens have to be to become bouleutai (councillors)?
  3. At what age did Athenian boys normally start going to school?
  4. What was the Panathenaia?
  5. What military service did the thetes perform?
  1. a 7
  2. b The annual polis festival which celebrated Athena
  3. c 30
  4. d Rowers & peltasts (light-armed troops)
  5. e Because that was what slaves did.

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  1. 10
  2. 60
  3. 18-20
  4. agorazein
  5. Admittance to a phratry

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  1. How long were most terms of political office?1 year


  2. What subjects did Athenian boys study at school?Literacy, poetry and physical education


  3. What legal duty did a kyrios have?Represent all members of oikos in court


  4. Who could bring a dike?The injured party (or their representative )


  5. Which census classes formed the cavalry?Pentacosiomedimni & hippeis