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  1. How many years did Athenian youths spend as epheboi (cadets)?
  2. What political involvement became available for an Athenian citizen from 18 (20 in practice)?
  3. Citizens had full freedom of....? (what social rights?)
  4. What were the two Greek words for Athenian citzens?
  5. What was a symposium?
  1. a
    Ecclesia (attending & initiating, debating and voting of legislation)
  2. b politai & astoi
  3. c
    A private dinner party
  4. d 2
  5. e Movement, speech and association

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  1. 1 year
  2. Hoplites
  3. The annual polis festival which celebrated Athena
  4. Sophists
  5. 60

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  1. What was a deme?The stripping of citizenship.


  2. What legal duty did a kyrios have?An emergency tax levied on property by the assembly during war


  3. Why might a non-citizen occasionally be granted partial or full citizenship?Council of Areopagus


  4. What did the 451 BC law decree?The nominal command of a warship, its outfitting and maintenance and the training (though not payment) of the crew


  5. What subjects did Athenian boys study at school?7