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a living thing


the way organisms make more of their own kind


everything that surrounds an organism; includes air, water, soil and other organisms


to react; when the environment changes, organisms do this


the basic building blocks of life; all living things are made of these


a device that uses glass lenses and allow people to see very small things


to share information


a clear, jelly-like material that fills plant and animal cells

cell membrane

the thin outer covering of the cell; plant and animal cells have this


the control center of the cell; plant and animal cells have this

cell wall

a stiff layer outside the cell membrane that only plant cells have


makes food for the plant cell; they are green


a naturally occurring substance that is neither plant nor animal


the plant part that grows underground; holds the plant in the ground and takes in water and minerals for the plant


the plant part that supports the plant and helps it stand upright


the main food-making part of the plant


makes the plants leaves green; traps the energy in sunlight for the plant


chlorophyll traps this from the sunlight for the plant


a gas that is in air and water; people and animals need this to live

life cycle

all of the stages in an organism's life

plant embryo

a young plant this is just beginning to grow


the passing of characteristics from parent to offspring

flowering plants

plants that produce seeds in flowers; most plants in the world are these


trees that produce seeds in cones; pine trees and spruce trees are these


a powdery material in flowering plants that is needed by the eggs to make seeds

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