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  1. Japanese advances halted
  2. Code talkers
  3. Battle of the bulge
  4. Bataan March
  5. they would use them as bases to launch attacks
  1. a s, April 1942, American soldiers were forced to march 65 miles to prison camps by their Japanese captors. It is called the Death March because so may of the prisoners died en route.
  2. b s, December, 1944-January, 1945 - After recapturing France, the Allied advance became stalled along the German border. In the winter of 1944, Germany staged a massive counterattack in Belgium and Luxembourg which pushed a 30 mile "bulge" into the Allied lines. The Allies stopped the German advance and threw them back across the Rhine with heavy losses.
  3. c What happened for the first time at the battle of coral sea?
  4. d s, Navajo troops who used their language to send messages in a code the Japanese were never able to break
  5. e Why did American forces want the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa?

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  1. s, a poor densely populated city district occupied by a minority ethnic group linked together by economic hardship and social restrictions
  2. May 8?
  3. s, a limited portion or allowance of food or goods; limitation of use
  4. What did General DeWitt recommend?
  5. August 15?

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  1. North AfricaWhere did American Soldiers enter WWII?


  2. disbelief, they though it was was war propagandaWhat was the initial American reaction to the final Solution?


  3. d-DayWhat happened on april 12, 1945?


  4. Anti semitisms, the Nazi program of exterminating Jews under Hitler


  5. KamikazeJune 6, 1944 - Led by Eisenhower, over a million troops (the largest invasion force in history) stormed the beaches at Normandy and began the process of re-taking France. The turning point of World War II.