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I have got
já mám
you have got
ty máš
he has got
on má
she has got
ona má
it has got
ono má
we have got
my máme
they have got
oni mají
I've got
já mám (stažený tvar)
you've got
ty máš (stažený tvar)
he's got
on má (stažený tvar)
she's got
ona má (stažený tvar)
it's got
ono má (stažený tvar)
we've got
my máme (stažený tvar)
they've got
oni mají (stažený tvar)
I have not got
Já nemám
you have not got
ty nemáš
he has not got
on nemá
she has not got
ona nemá
it has not got
ono nemá
we have not got
my nemáme
they have not got
oni nemají
I haven't got
já nemám (stažený tvar)
you haven't got
ty nemáš (stažený tvar)
he hasn't got
on nemá (stažený tvar)
she hasn't got
ona nemá (stažený tvar)
it hasn't got
ono nemá (stažený tvar)
we haven't got
my nemáme (stažený tvar)
they haven't got
oni nemají (stažený tvar)
Have I got?
Mám? (já)
Have you got?
Máš? (ty)
Has he got?
Má? (on)
Has she got?
Má? (ona)
Has it got?
Má? (ono)
Have we got?
Máme? (my)
Have they got?
Mají? (oni)