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What is the name of the Hung He River?
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Where is the Yellow Riverbetween South Korea and ChinaWhere is the East China Seabetween Shanghai and TaiwanWhat two rivers start in the Kunlun Mountainsthe yellow and yangtze riversWhat did China's many peninsulas allow?a very long coastline with harbors and portsShanghai isone of the largest seaports in the worldWhy is the Yellow River called "China's Sorrow"?because of the floods that destroy crops and homes and kill many peopleWhat are some of China's raw materialspetroleum, coal, and natural gasWhat are some of China's mineral resourcesiron ore, lead, zinc, and copperWhat has Japan developed?one of the largest fishing industries in the worldWhere is the Three Gorges Dam?Yangtze RiverWhat does the Three Gorges Dam generate?electrical powerWhat are PBC's?industrial compounds that contributed to Japanese pollutionWhat is landfill?method of solid waste disposal in which refuse is buried between layers of dirt to fill in or reclaim low-lying groundWhat are positive effects of the Three Gorges Dam?control frequent flooding, generate huge amounts of electrical power, and made it easier for ships to reach China's interiorWhy can't Japan's cities expand further?there is no where to expand totyphoona tropical storm that occurs in the western PacificTaklimakan Desertdesert located in western ChinaGobi Deserta desert located in northern China and southeast Mongolia, and a prime area for finding dinosaur fossilsWhere are highland climates found?western chinaWhat has happened to the forest in mid-latitude zones?farms have replaced many forests and logging has greatly reduced forestWhat is the climate like in tropical zones?high temperatures, heavy rainfall, and high humidityDynastyA series of rulers from the same familySphere of Influencearea of China where a European country could control trade without interference from other western nationsBoxer Rebellionrevolt by Chinese militants against foreign controlMao Zedonghead of china's communist government from 1949-1976. named the country: the People's Republic of ChinaConfucianismethical tradition based on the teachings of ConfuciusTaoismreligion based on the teaching of Lao TzuBuddismreligion that came from China from IndiaImportant early dynasties of ChinaShang, Zhou, Qin, Han, and QingWhat was the Koumintang and who founded it?A nationalist party founded by Sun Yat-senWhat prevented economic progress before the 1980s?communist party tried to modernize China by planning economic activities, which failedWhat inventions did the Chinese give the world?paper, printing, gunpowder, the compass, and silk clothWhat type of medicines does China rely on?traditional herbs, acupuncture, modern drugs, and surgeryShang Dynastyfirst dynasty, ruled for 600 yearsQin Dynastyemperor Shi Huangdi united small states under a strong central governmentQing Dynastymanchu people invaded china and started this dynastyEconomic Tigercountry with rapid economic growthPacific Rimthe countries surrounding the Pacific OceanHow was Taiwan settled?when the nationalist lost to the communists, they moved their government to Taiwan. China's communist government never recognized Taiwan as a separate countryHow was China able to influence Mongolian life?the Mongols adopted many ways of Chinese culture.What is the most important Mongolian festival?Three Games of MenHow is Mongolia's economy changing?Mongolia is developing its industry and shifted to make a marketing economyWhat is a yurt?tents made of felt and covered with canvas or leather that nomads live inGenghis Khanunited Mongol clans and conquered central AsiansChinese control of Mongoliagained control in 1600sMongolia after 1924became the People's Republic of Mongolia, under communist rule, lost all power after the fall of the Soviet UnionTaiwan after 1895groups from east and southeast Asia came to TaiwanJapanese control of Taiwanseized Taiwan after winning a war against China, kept islands until defeated in WWIIRepublic of Chinawhen nationalist lost to communist, they moved their government to Taiwan, established Republic of ChinaFall of Soviet UnionMongolia was one of the first communist to shift to market industrySamuraia professional soldier who served the landowners and clan chiefs in ancient JapanShogungeneral of the emperor's army with powers of a military dictatorWhat American visited Japan in 1893Commodore Matthew PerryWhere is most industry and manufacturing located in Japan?the east coast and main island of Honshuwhat did the Japanese adopt from China?language, religion, art, music, and governmentWhat changes are the Japanese trying to make?trying to stop pollution, shorten work days, and give more vacationWhere do most people live in Japan?in citiesWhat are Japan's major economic activitesmanufacturingWhat are Japan's four main islands?Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, KyushuWhat is Japan's education system like?it is free and highly structuredWhat western influences are on Japan?governmentJapanese traditional architectureelegant and refinedWhat kind of drama or plays does Japan have?Noh Dramabullet trainfirst high speed train, developed in Japanhow many days a week do Japanese kids attend school?sixMt. Fujisacred mountain, Japanese take pilgrimages to it, in the center of JapanWhere is tokyohonshuhow many people live in Japan126 millionWhere did the US drop the atomic bombs?Hiroshima and NagasakiWhen was the bombing of Pearl Harbor?December 7, 1941what does rice grow inrice paddleswhat percentage of Japan's land is arable3%What is Japan's economy bases on?their fishing industryWhat does Japan build on top of?landfillWhat government does North Korea havecommunistwhat government does South Korea havedemocracyKorean Warnorth korea invaded south korea and were trying to turn them into communistarmisticeAn agreement to stop fightingWhat ruined North Korea and South Korea's good relationshipthe explosion of a South Korean ship in 2010Captial of South KoreaseoulCapital of North KoreaPyongyangSouth Korea is one of the biggest what?manufacturesWhat effects has communism had on art?you can only make art that praises communismNorth Korea's political influence after 1945Soviet UnionSouth Korea's political influence after 1945United StatesChinese cultural influences in North and South Koreaconfucianism and buddhismNorth Korea's natural resourcesare waiting to be developedsouth korea is aeconomic tigerWhere are people concentrated in North Korea and South Koreaon plains along the coast or in river valleysSouth Korea is more _________ than North Koreadensely populated