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Why are electrons shared between atoms in covalent bonds?

To fill the atoms outer shell of electrons

what is a coordinate covalent bond?

A bond when both of the electrons come from the same atom

What types of ions (cations/anions) end with the suffix -ide?


The number of electrons that elements tend to gain or lose.

They gain or lose to form an octet

Nonmetals tend to gain or lose electrons.

Nonmetals tend to lose electrons

cations have _________ (positive/negative) charge.


How are binary ionic compounds generally written?

cation then anion

What type of atoms make up a molecular compound?


What is conserved in chemical equations?

mass and atoms

Parts of the kinetic energy theory.

the energy an object has because of it's motion

What is the triple point on a phase diagram?

the point where matter can be in all 3 states at once

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