Hawaiian history study flash cards chapter 12/13

1. In what year did Lunalilo become King of Hawai'i?
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11. On which island was Lunalilo buried?Oahu12. Who did Lunalilo run up against when he became king?Kalakau13. How many years did Kalakaua rule as king?For 17 years.14. Who did Kalakaua run against in his 2nd try to become king?Queen Emma.15. Who was Kalakaua's wife?Queen Kapi'olani,16. When King Kalakaua visited Washington D.C., who was the first person he visited?President grant.What was King Kalakaua the first to do?To travel around the world,Name FOUR places King Kalakaua traveled to besides Washington D.C.Japan, China, Egypt, Great Britain.19. In what year was the Reciprocity Treaty created?187620. In creating the Reciprocity Treaty, Hawai'i was allowed to send blanck and blank to the mainland free of blankrice sugar Tax21. List FIVE items that were built in Hawai'i as a result of the sugar boom.Bridges, roads, irigation systems, more ships, railroads22. Who was the financial backer for Hawaii's sugar boom?Claus Spreckles23. What was the name of the constitution King Kalakaua was forced to sign?"Bayonet Constitution"By forcing Kalakaua to sign the constitution, the Hawaiian League wanted the Hawaiian Monarchy to move from a blank to a blankabsolute Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy.25. What was built and completed in 1881 and became King Kalakaua's new home?lolani palace26. At what age did Kalakaua die?54 years old.27. Where did Kalakaua die?He died in San Franciseo28. Who did Kalakaua ORIGINALLY name as the heir to the throne?Leleiohoku29. Who became the next ruler of Hawai'i?Lili'uokalaniWhat was an important contribution King Kalakaua made to the people of Hawai'i? EXPLAIN with DETAILS for full credit. This answer must be at least TWO COMPLETE SENTENCES.The most important contribution to the people of Hawaii was when he brought back the hula. I think that's important because they could dance the hula again just like ancient Hawaiians did.