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____ are a collection of worksheets


saving the workbook frequently is important for the following reason:

if you lose power, the worksheet could be lost

while excel is saving your file, it brieflyu displays a message on the status bar indicating

the amount of the file saved

combining two or more cells together is called __ cells


which keyboard key moves the insertion point to the beginning of data in a cell


the ___ tab is the primary tab of the ribbon


how do you activate range finder to verify a formula in a cell

double-click in the cell

click ___ in the conditional formatting gallerty to display the new formatting rule dialog box

new rule

if you want to increase or decrease column width significantly, you can right click a column heading and then use the ___ command on the shortcut menu to change the column's width

column width

if a single cell is selected so that the formula bar is not active and then the spell checker is started, Excel checks____

the remainder of the worksheet, including notes and embedded charts

the____ button, in the accompanying figure, allows you to view the page in larger or smaller sizes in the preview window


what is the first step in renaming the worksheet?

double-click the workseet tab

when you set up a worksheet, you should use cell references in formulas whenever possible, rather than ___ values


the allignment tab allows you to position data by__

indenting, rotating, aligning at the top, bottom or center, centering, left-aligning, or right clicking (all of the above)

the color bar at the bottom of the fill color and font color buttons on the home tab on the ribbon changes to the ___ color

most recently selected

when you change a value on which a chart is depending, excel____

immediately redraws the chart based on the new value

excel rotates the chart 10 degrees in a ___ direction each time you click the increase X rotation button


when choosing words for PowerPoint slides, ____

use the less is more principle

what is initially transparent, disappears if not used, but is bright in appearance when the mouse is moved over it?

the mini toolbar

a ___ is available in PowerPoint to ad special words such as proper names, cities and acronyms to a presentation, so that they will not be marked as spelling errors

custom dictionary

what are the tow boxes on the slide known as


the slide layouts are apart of the___

layout gallery

elements such as lines, arrows, callouts, and banners that can be added to a slided are known as


where is the close button located to close PowerPoint?

on the right side of the title bar

the ___ is a central location for managing and sharing documents

office button

to enter a blank line into a document, press the __ key without typing any text on the line


the __, or typeface, defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters


on most computers, the default font size in word is


when using the MLA style, position explanatory notes either at the ____

bottom of the page as footnotes or at the end of the paper as endnotes

the shortcut keys used to center a paragraph are__


the rule is to press the SPACE BAR ___time(s) after periods, colons, and other punctuation marks


in a business letter, the ___ if present, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address


mode indicators such as enter and ready appear on the status bar and specify the current mode of excel

mode indicators such as enter and ready appear on the status bar and specify the current mode of excel


excel can only display three font colors: black red and blue

with conditional formatting, if the value of the cell changes and no longer meets the specified condition, excel suppresses the conditional formatting

with conditional formatting, if the value of the cell changes and no longer meets the specified condition, excel suppresses the conditional formatting

excel does not display #REF! in a cell to indicate the cell is a cross reference

excel does not display #REF! in a cell to indicate the cell is a cross reference


according the the MLA style, on each page of the research paper, precede the page number by the title of the paper

appears automatically based on tasks you perform such as selecting text

mini toolbar

contains a list of commands


appears when you right click an object

shortcut menu

a central location for managing and sharing workbooks

microsoft office button

makes it easier to see and identify each cell in the worksheet


a set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list


press the ALT key to display this keyboard code icon for certain commands

Key Tip Badge

provides easy access to frequently used commands; located by default above the ribbon

quick access toolbar

provides easy, central access to the tasks you perform while creating a worksheet


presents info about the worksheet, the function of the button to which the mouse pointer is pointing, or the mode of excel

status bar

returns a number that corresponds to the system date and time beginning with December 31, 1899

NOW function

fills a destination area using the format of the source area. no content is copied unless fill is series

fill formatting only

determines the value of a cell on which the formula depends

goal seeking

scrutinizes the impact of changing values in cells hat are referenced by a formula in another cell

what-if analysis

shows the relationship or proportion of parts to a whole

pie chart

indicates a cell is using a name excel does not recognize


copies the contents and format of the source area

keep source formatting

assigns a value of a cell based on a logical test

IF function

keeps a cell reference constant when copying a formula or function

absolute cell referencing

PowerPoint shape selection

a banner

an available character

a type of transition

uncover right

how the mouse pointer looks after selecting the format painter button

paint brush

a serif font choice


a sans serif font choice


sizing handles appear like this

small squares and circles

a PowerPoint 2007 layout

title slide

a graphics file type


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