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Terminology Vocabulary related to basic computer technology and software applications.

Arrow Keys

Used To Move The Insertion Point On The Screen.

Auto correct

Automatic Correction Features - Corrects Spelling, Completes Spelling, Replaces Abbreviations, Etc. With Correctly Spelled Word(s).


Holding Place For Cut Or Copied Material.

Computer (My)

A program that allows you to see what files and folders are located on your computer. Located behind Start Button


To Duplicate A Selected Item In A Document.


Automatic Command Settings (Set By The User to User's Preference).


To click outside a selected item, such as an icon, so that it is no longer selected.


Computer Information on the monitor

Dialog Box

Computer/Program's Way Of Communicating With Computer User.

Dialog Box Launcher

Arrow at the corner of a menu group that opens a dialog box for further instructions from the user.

Ellipses . . .

Three periods together; will open a dialog box when clicked.


The Working Relationship/ Capability Of People And Their Tools (Ie; People And Computers).

File Extension

Dot Followed By Three/Four Characters At The End Of A File Name To Indicate The File Type.

FILE (Tab)

Displays menu of commands for managing documents and files (open, save, save as, recent, etc.).

File Type

Format In Which A File Is Stores; The Program Used To Create The File (i.e. Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel).


File storage area



Font Size

The Size Of A Font, Measured In Points.


To Arrange Or Enhance The Contents Of A Document.

Hard Copy

A Printed Version Of A Document.


Mouse Pointer Shape. Resembles The Uppercase Letter I.


AKA - Picture; Used As A Shortcut.

Insertion Point

The Flashing Vertical Line That Indicates Where The Next Action Will Occur In An On-Screen Document.

Keyboard Command

A Keyboard Stroke To Perform Computer Actions Quickly.

Line spacing

The Amount Of White Space Between Lines Of Text In A Paragraph.

Nonprinting Characters

Characters Such As A Tab, Space, Or Enter Mark That Appear On A Document Screen, But Do Not Print To A Hard Copy Of A Document.


To Insert Material From The Clipboard Into A Document.

Print Preview

soft copy preview of a document for review before printing

Quick Access Tool Bar

Tool Bar that allows fast/quick access to an icon and it's function—Defaulted by user.


Shut down and restart a computer to adjust interior


Reverse an undo and restore


A Screen Element That Displays Buttons For Accessing Office Features And Commands.

Tabs At The Top Of Each Ribbon Indicates Category Of Ribbon

Ribbon Tabs

Extention on ribbons that allow selection of ribbon category.

Sans Serif

A Font With Straight Edges.


To Store Any Changes Made To Existing File.

Save As

To Store A File With A Name.

Screen tip

A Box Containing Information Regarding An Icon Or Button When The Mouse Is Placed Over The Icon Or Button.


Font That Looks Like Handwriting.


Font With Curved Or Extended Edges.

Show/Hide Feature

Used to view all formatting used within a document. Formatting commands are non-printing.

Soft Copy

Document, text, or graphic on a computer screen

Start Button

Key That Launches All Computer Programs And Computer's Capabilities.

Task Bar

Bar Along The Windows Display That Shows Open Programs Or Documents, The Start Button, And Other Information.

Title/Program Bar

Bar That Gives The Name Of A Document And The Program Being Used To Create Or Edit It.


Turns Key On; Turns Key Off.

User Name

Identifies The User To A System.

Zoom: Zoom In/Zoom Out

Increased/Decreased View Of Document.

Active Document

Document currently being created or edited


To move the graphical pointer to an on-screen item and press once and release the mouse

Control Key

Used with another key to perform a command or make a selection


Remove information from a file, folder, or document

Double Click

To move the graphical pointer to an on-screen item and press twice and release the mouse

Drop-down list

A list of choices within a dialog box or tool bar


To make a change to information in a file/document


To start a new paragraph;
To complete an entry;
To close a dialog box


Named unit of information stored in memory

Graphical Pointer

Marker on the screen that moves in response to a mouse or touchpad and tells where the next action will occur. It changes shape depending on the action it will take.

Triple Click

To move the graphical pointer to an on-screen item and press three times and release the mouse

Alt Key

Used with another key to perform a command or make a selection


Graphic that points to objects and listings


Any letter, space, number, punctuation mark, symbol


Electronic device used to process data


Processed file of information


List of commands or choices


Device to select and point at items on a computer screen

Pointer Device

Device that allows control of the movement of the screen pointer (Mouse is a common one)

Show/Hide Icon

Icon that turns on show/hide feature

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