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Cold War

In 1957, Soviets launched the first man-made satellite escalating tensions and resulting in an arms race
This is the name for the era of investigations based on accusations of suspected communists.
Cuban Missile Crisis
This event is considered the high point of nuclear tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
(Acronym) This group led investigations of suspected communists and fascists. Many who were questioned by this committee included actors and directors.
Venona Papers
In 1995 these documents were released confirming the identities of Soviet spies in the American government and other industries.
Berlin Airlift
President Truman authorized this policy to send daily supplies to West Berlin in response to Soviet blockades.
Truman Doctrine
In 1947 this policy was passed to assist nations in preventing communist takeovers. It initially focused on Greece and Turkey and later opened to all.
Korean War
This was the first significant armed conflict between communist and non-communist forces. It ends with an armistice on the 38th parallel.
(Acronym) This was a military alliance formed in 1949 to provide collective security against communist aggression.
Marshall Plan
In 1948 this plan extended efforts to prevent communist takeovers by providing economic aid to war torn countries in Europe.
This policy was used by Americans to prevent Communism from spreading further not overturning it where it existed.
This couple was tried and executed for selling secrets to the Soviet Union to make the atomic bomb.
After Sputnik, the U.S. increased funding for this field (especially math and science) to improve American ability to compete with the Soviets.
Arms Race
In 1949 the Soviet Union developed their own atomic weapon, this led to a race between the United States and the Soviet Union as to who could develop more powerful weapons.
Space Race
In 1957, the Soviets successfully launched the first satellite into space. This led to more federal spending by the U.S. government in science education. The United States was the first to land a man on the moon.