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Idioms - Set 1

An idiom is: a fixed expression with nonliteral meaning; a natural way of using language; a stylistic expression

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The black market
The market not comtrolled by the government, where things are sold in private and often against the law.
To feel blue
To feel sad.
The green light
The okay to start something
Green with envy
Jealous of someone else's good fortune
In black and white
Very clear and easy to understand
In the black
Having money
In the red
Owing money, in debt
Out of the blue
By surprise, unexpectedly
The red carpet
Special honors for a special or important person
Red tape
Complicated official procedures and forms
A white lie
Something that is not true but causes no harm
The apple of one's eye
Someone's favorite person
To cream someone
To totally beat someone in a game
Suspicious, not right or honest
To go bananas
To go crazy
In a pickle
In trouble
A lemon
Something that does not work, usually an electrical appliance or mechanical item
Very crazy, very upset
A peach
A very nice person
A very small amount of money
A piece of cake
Something that is very easy to do
At first sight
After a quick look, before really thinking about one's feeling about something
Forty winks
A short sleep, a nap
In seventh heaven
Extremely happy
Of two minds
Having trouble making a decision
On cloud nine
Extremely happy
On second thought
Changing one's mind after thinking more about something
To put two and two together
To finally understand something, to come to a conclusion about something
Second nature
Easy and natural to someone
Second to none
The very best
Six one, half a dozen of the other
No difference, either choice is okay
Sixth sense
A special feeling for something, or a special understanding of things