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  1. the nation's largest oil producer
  2. a landscaping method that conserves water
  3. have diverse populations/culture, big oil producers, aerospace, ranches, and leading beef producers
  4. natural attractions, big cities, and diverse cultures
  5. Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories
  6. New Mexico

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  1. the relationship between Houston's oil refineries and portsLos Alamos and Sandia laboratories


  2. What language do many people in the Southwest speak? and why?xeriscaping, working together to decide how much water to use, laws are made which require people to limit the use of water


  3. aerospacea landscaping method that conserves water


  4. high-tech industryhaving to do with inventing, building, or using computers and other kinds of electronic equipment


  5. evaporationland set aside for Native Americans


  6. Newer industries in Arizona and New MexicoCarlsbad Caverns