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  1. having to do with the building and testing of aircraft and equipment for air and space travel
  2. Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories
  3. Spanish because they came from Spanish speaking countries
  4. natural attractions, big cities, and diverse cultures
  5. the process of the sun's heat turning water into a gas form
  6. tankers carry crude oil into the port to be refined and the tankers carry gasoline and other oil products out of the port to be sold around the world. Houston has the most oil refineries in the U.S. and the nation's busiest ports for handling oil shipments

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  1. Two ways Arizona and New Mexico are alikemake up the western part of the sun belt, fast growing states, and have big cities


  2. Texasthe nation's largest oil producer


  3. xeriscapea landscaping method that conserves water


  4. National Park in New Mexicothe process of the sun's heat turning water into a gas form


  5. dredgeto dig out the bottom and sides of a waterway to make it deeper and wider


  6. Santa Fe and Taos are in which stateCarlsbad Caverns