Physical Science Final

83 terms by maronson728

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Review for FInal Exam

a constant slope on a distance time graph indicates

constant speed

velocities add by

vector addition

speedometers measure

instantaneous speed

a moving object does not accelerate if

its velocity remains constant

accelaration is represented by a

curved line

how fast a velocity is changing at a specific moment

instantaneous acceleration

the force that opposes the motion of objects that touch as they move past each other


static friction is _____ than sliding friction


what force(s) act on a falling object?

gravity and air resistance

in terminal velocity, the net force is



air resistance

projectile motion

the curved path an object follows


tendency to resist any change in motion

acceleration (formula)

net force/mass


an impelling force or strength

biggest universal force


A force that causes an object to move in a circle

centripetal force

pressure (formula)



flows and assumes shape of container

bernoulli's principle

as speed increases, pressure decreases

device used to change a force

hydraulic system

change in pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid

pascals principal

apparent loss of weight in an object placed in a fluid


g/cm^3 is the unit for


for work to be done on an object, the object has to ____


si unit of work


work formula

force x motion

rate at which work is done


units of power

watt and horsepower

what is a machine?

a device that changes a force

to increase the work output, you must ___________

increase the work input

what is the mechanical advantage of a machine?

number of times the machine increases the input force

what is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder


in a first class lever the fulcrum is always between the

effort force and resistance force

the IMA of a third class lever is always

less than one

______ of an object increases when work is done


unit for energy


if the mass of an object doubles, its _______________ doubles

kinetic energy

kinetic energy of an object is the direct proportion of its


energey that is stored

potential energy

equation for potential energy


kinetic energy+potential energy=

mechanical energy


speed of light

_____ is the transfer of thermal energy because of a temperature difference


the transfer of thermal energy with no overall transfer of matter is


the transfer of energy as waves move through space is


the transfer of thermal energy that takes place mostly in fluids is


a material that conducts thermal energy well is called a

thermal conductor

the study of the conversion between heat and other forms of energy is called


longitudinal waves have

compressions and rarefactions

transverse waves have

crests and troughs

sound waves are


________ waves vibrate perpendicular


________ waves vibrate parallel


what does amplitude measure?

greatest displacement of a wave from rest position

if two waves collide and form a temporary larger wave, the interference is


in a standing wave, where is there no displacement from rest position?


what standard measure is used to compare sound intensities


the change in frequency of a wave as its source moves in relation to an observer

doppler effect

what kind of waves are electromagnetic


warm objects give off more _________ radiation than cooler objects


what is the speed of light in a vacuum

3 times 10 to the 8th

objects that scatter SOME of the light are


combining equal amounts of the three primary colors of light produce

white light

when is light produced?

when electrons change energy levels in an atom

objects that transmit almost all of the light that it strikes are


what electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelength?

gamma rays


bending of a ray of light

light of a single wavelength with all the waves lined up

laser light

angles of incidence and reflection make rays that are _______________ to a mirror


what is the image that appears to be behind a plane mirror?


when light exits a vacuum and enters another medium, it

slows down

what is the speed of light in a material that slows compared to the speed of light in a vacuum

index of refraction

unit for current


unit for resistance


a material that has almost zero resistance at low temperatures is a


potential difference is measured in


a complete path through which charge flows is a


where is magnetic force strongest?


what is the angle between the direction a compass points and geographic north?

magnetic declination


materials that can be magnetized

voltage can be induced in a conductor by a changing magnetic field

Farady's law

what converts mechanical energy into electrical energy?


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