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The three economic sectors


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The three economic sectors
Primary sector,
Secondary sector and
Tertiary sector or Services sector.
3 Sectors = 3 type of products
Primary sector: raw materials
Secondary sector: manufactured products
Tertiary sector: different services
Primary sector
We extract "raw materials" from nature. Agriculture, farming, fishing, mining and forestry are Primary Sector Activities.
Agriculture: Crops and Livestock
Agriculture is the cultivation of crops and
the raising of livestock
Arable farming
There are two types:
Dry farming & Irrigated farming
Dry farming
Farmers don't water their crops.
Water when it rains is enough
Ex: grapes, wheat and olives.
Irrigated farming
Farmers use "irrigation systems" to water their crops.
Ex: Tomatoes, beans, melons, cherries, lettuce...
Livestock farming
is the raising of animals, sometimes for food products (meat, milk, eggs) and sometimes for non-food products (wool, leather)
Livestock farming: two types:
- Extensive farming: in large fields, open pastures... animals eat what grows in the nature. Ex: Iberian pigs
- Intensive farming: in stables or pens. Farmers give the animals food. Ex: milk cows in stables.
2 types of fishing:
- Coastal fishing: with small boats near the coast. Daily work.
- Deep-sea fishing: far from the coast; on large ships with refrigeration systems; and fishermen work for weeks.
To obtain wood, cork, cellulose and resin.
Cork is obtain from the bark of cork oak trees.
We obtain minerals
Secondary sector
We make new products (manufactured products) from raw materials.
Secondary sector... Where???
Manufactured products are made in "factories" and "workshops"
Food industry
We make food products. These products come from crop farming or livestock farming.
Metal industry
We make objects like machines and cars.
Chemical industry
We make medicines and fertilisers.
Textile industry
We make clothes.
Energy industry
We get energy from coal and oil. We build wind farms.
Tertiary sector
We provide services in this sector. For example, transportation, shops, supermarkets, doctors, teachers...
We buy and sell them in shops, supermarket or on the internet.
They are the people who buy products.
They are the people who sell things to costumers.
It often persuades us to buy things.
These are large or small businesses like shops, supermarkets and shopping centres.
Shops sell directly to consumer.
Shops only sell to other shops.
International trade.