Liturgy and Sacrament Q1

To become closer to God
Give children a moral foundation
Make themselves better persons
For comfort in times of trouble
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Evangelical Catholic Historically Black Protestant Mainline ProtestantWhat 4 Christian denominations mentions the New Testament more than the old testament?In ancient Babylon, private religious practices were conducted in the household, while there was also publicly supported rituals that occurred in temples. The Hebrew Bible contains a mix of both public and private practices.Down through the centuries, how have the various religious traditions reconciled the tension between private prayer and the public/communal aspects religion?That desire is an essential part of christian spirituality. Desire is the key way to hearing God's voiceWhat is James Martin's basic premise?Incompletion Common Longings Vulnerabilitywhat are the three ways to identify and explain the desire humans has for God?The human will always have a feeling of incompleteness, as if we are missing something. We need God to fill this feeling of incompleteness.What is the primary meaning of incompletion?It is the space in our hearts that only God can fill.What is the "God-Shaped Hole"?Money Status PowerWhat are three things that cannot fill the "God-Shaped Hole"?It is when you experience the desire of God when standing alone in the woods or recognizing a strange feeling of connection when standing in church. Common longings are heartfelt connections of becoming conscious of our desire to God.What is the primary meaning of Common longings?God is able to reach us when we are suffering and vulnerable, because we lower our defenses.What is the primary meaning of Vulnerability?Standing in church and suddenly getting a strange feeling of connectionGive an example on how any of the three ways to realize the desire of God can help understand it