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A greek word meaning " God bearer"


When Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she was to be the mother of god.


The study of the existence of the attributes of God.


The christian belief that there is only one God.


A term that decribes existing without a beginning and being forever.

Divine providence

The sovereignty of god over events in peoples' lives


A "holy one" of god


The teaching of the pope is free from error in matters of faith

ecumenical council

A gathering of all the bishops around the world


a statement of belief

divine missions of the blessed trinity

The quality "of one being" in the relationship of the trinity.

immaculate conception

Mary was concieved in the womb of her mother without original sin.


Tern that means extending endlessly.


An attribute of god that says that he is all powerful.


The belief that there are many gods.


The dogmatic teaching that Mary was taken into heaven body and soul.

How did Jesus instruct the apostles to baptize others?

" In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit."

What is god's inner life?

The part of life not in the books, that we are unaware of.


the branch of theology that studies the nature, person, and works of jesus.


a record or history of the ancestors or descendants of a person, people, or a nation.


one who is known as a representative or a spokeman


entire body of jewish litereature, teaching, and law

Alpha & omega

a christian symbol formed with the first and last letters of the greek alphabet


a western semetic language commonly spoke in palestine


an obstinate doubt about a truth that msut be believed


a deed or event that cannot be explained by ordinary human intervention

church fathers

bishops, theologians, teachers and scholars whose writings have greatly contributed to church doctrine.

What kind of Messiah were the people of nazereth expecting?

A strong, military leader.

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