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Which of the following is true of alcohol?
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Nembutal, Seconal, and Amytal, drugs prescribed to reduce insomnia, arebarbituratesPeople are particularly responsive to hypnosis if theystrongly expect that they can be hypnotizedResearch has indicated that hypnosisenables some people to undergo surgery with only a local anesthesiaAlcohol is considered aDepressantConsciousness isour awareness of ourselves and our environmentGreg remembered a recent dream in which his girlfriend suddenly grabbed the wheel of his speeding car. Greg's therapist suggested that the dream might be a representation of the girlfriend's efforts to avoid sexual intimacy. According to Freud, the therapist was attempting to reveal the ________ of Greg's dream.latent contentThe occurence of REM rebound supports the notion thathumans, like most other mammals, need REM sleepWhich of the following drugs is classified as a stimulantnicotineSleep researchers who are interested in brain wave activity are likely to use which kind of brain scan?EEGPhysical pain and intense cravings indicatephysical dependenceChemical substances that alter perceptions and moods are called ________ drugs.psychoactiveThe circadian rhythm is influenced by light-sensitive retinal proteins that trigger signals to thesuprachiasmatic nucleusSleep apnea is a disorder involvingcessation of breathing during sleepMorphine and heroin areopiatesWhat is most likely to occur when the brain is repeatedly flooded with artificial opiatesthe brain stops making endorphinsWhich of the following is a psychedelic drugLSDThe discomfort and distress that follow the discontinued use of certain drugs is calledwithdrawalWhen cocaine is injected or smoked, it produces a rush of euphoria that lasts 15 to 30 minutes. But the stimulant drug ________ can trigger 8 hours or so of heightened energy and euphoria.methamphetamineAdvocates of the social influence theory of hypnosis are likely to argue thathypnotized people are simply enacting the role of good hypnotic subjectsWhich drugs are most likely to be prescribed as tranquilizersbarbituratesThe rhythmic bursts of brain activity that occur during NREM-2 sleep are calledsleep spindlesREM rebound involves thethe tendency for REM sleep to increase following REM sleep deprivationthe human sleep cycle repeats itself about every90 minutesWhen cocaine is snorted, free-based, or injected, it produces a rush of euphoria byblocking the reuptake of dopamineA split in consciousness in which some thoughts occur simultaneously with and yet separately from other thoughts is calleddissociationNear death experiences areoften accompanied by visions of bright lights.Chronic sleep debt is most likely to promoteobesityTHC, the active ingredient in ________, is classified as a ________.marijuana; hallucinogendeep sleep appears to play an important role inphysical growthHow is the hypothalamus involved in sleep?In response to decreasing light the hypothalamus' suprachiastmatic nucleus causes the pineal gland to increase production of melatonin, leading you to sleep.An altered state of consciousness in which people experience fantastic images and often feel separated from their bodies is most closely associated with the use ofLSDWhen people are experiencing vivid dreamstheir eyes are likely to move under their closed eyelidsFreud called the remembered story line of a dream its ________ content.manifestAbout three hours after he falls asleep, Bobby often sits up in bed screaming incoherently. His mother tries to awaken him, but with no success. His pulse races and he gasps for breath. The next morning, he remembers nothing. It appears that Bobby suffers fromnight terrorsLSD and other powerful hallucinogens are chemically similar to, and therefore block the actions of, a subtype of the neurotransmitter serotonin. At the synapse, these drugs act as a(n)antagonistSensory experiences that occur without a sensory stimulus are calledhallucinationsAlthough repeated use of amphetamines has caused Aaron legal problems, which threaten his job, he continues to use the drugs. Aaron most clearly shows signs ofaddictionLSD is most likely to producehallucinationsWhich of the following is the most widely consumed psychoactive substancecaffeineAlcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and a wide variety of other chemical agents that alter perceptions and moods are calledpsychoactive drugsJust prior to awakening Chinua from a hypnotic state, the therapist told him that during the next few days he would feel nauseous whenever he reached for a cigarette. Chinua's therapist was attempting to make use ofposthypnotic suggestionFast and jerky movements of the eyes are especially likely to be associated withREM sleepAs oxygen deprivation just prior to death turns off the brain's inhibitory cells, neural activity increases in thevisual cortexHypnosis involves a state ofheightened openness to suggestionThe divided consciousness theory of hypnosis states that hypnosis involvesdissociationAfter flying from California to New York, Arthur experienced a restless, sleepless night. His problem was most likely caused by a disruption of his normalcircadian rhythmAs drug users experience neuroadaptation, they demonstrate signs oftoleranceaccording to Freud, the personally threatening and censored meaning of a dream is itslatent contentDrugs such as alcohol and opiates that calm neural activity and slow body functions are calleddepressantsWhich of the following sleep disorders would be the most incapacitating for commercial bus drivernarcolepsyLayla has difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep. Layla is most likely suffering frominsomniaMr. Dayton occasionally stops breathing while sleeping. He wakes up to snort air for a few seconds before falling back to sleep. Mrs. Dayton complains that her husband snores. Clearly, Mr. Dayton suffers fromsleep apnea