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  1. Himalayas
  2. small scale industries based in the home ex: weave fabrics, carve statues
  3. low GDP, low literacy rate, high poverty
  4. the average number of people living in an area, expressed as persons per square mile
  5. to protect China from foriegn invaders
  1. a List at least 3 characteristics of a developing nation.
  2. b What is meant by the term population density?
  3. c What physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?
  4. d What are cottage industries? Provide two examples of cottage industries.
  5. e What purpose did the Great Wall of China serve during the Qin Dynasty?

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  1. What event led to the reunification of East and West Germany?
  2. What does a standard living show?
  3. What is apartheid?
  4. What does a country's literacy rate measure?
  5. What does the term "herding" mean? How does herding differ from farming?

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  1. system that lets competition amoung buisnesses determine price of products/people choose freely what to buy and sellDescribe the orographic effect.


  2. North American Free-Trade Agreement/ eliminates many tariffs on products flowing between countries of Canada, Mexico, and USWhat is NAFTA? What purpose does it serve


  3. under developed economy based on how its always been doneWhy do many former Communist countries have a lower farm yield?


  4. Civil War, tribal violenceWhat is a major problem in Africa today because of the Berlin Conference?


  5. can print whatever they want if its trueWhat is destrification?


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