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  1. The Fertile Crecent
  2. keeping people from talking
  3. system that lets competition amoung buisnesses determine price of products/people choose freely what to buy and sell
  4. few housing, increased crime, reduced farmland
  5. official policies that forced black South Africans to Live in separate area and use separate facilities from White South Africans
  1. a What is censorship?
  2. b List at least 3 negative effects on urban sprawl (Urbanization).
  3. c What is apartheid?
  4. d What is a free enterprise/market economy?
  5. e The world's first civilizations developed in an area of the Middle East known by what other name?

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  1. What is meant by the term per capta incom?
  2. What is the primary goal of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)?
  3. What city on the Black Sea might serve as a crossroads between Europe and Asia?
  4. What purpose did the Great Wall of China serve during the Qin Dynasty?
  5. What are some costs and somebenefits of the Three Gorges Dam in China?

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  1. East and South China SeasWhat does it mean to live in an urban area?


  2. spearding of desert conditionsWhat does it mean to live in an urban area?


  3. hydroelectric power, flood controlWhat two purposes does the Aswan Dam serve?


  4. HimalayasWhat physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?


  5. percentage of people who can read and writeWhat does a country's literacy rate measure?