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  1. moving animals from paster to paster/farming is stationary and with plants
  2. Appalacian Mountains
  3. Middle East
  4. World War I , World War II
  5. winter
  1. a In which region do oil exports serve as the primary economic activity?
  2. b What historiacal event might account for the fact that there are feww men above the age of 60?
  3. c Which physical feature in the Eastern United States was the greatest barrier to westward migration of early American settlers?
  4. d What does the term "herding" mean? How does herding differ from farming?
  5. e When does the Northern Hemisphere have the coldest climate?

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  1. What is the primary goal of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)?
  2. The world's first civilizations developed in an area of the Middle East known by what other name?
  3. Along which body of water are most of China's largest cities found?
  4. What is a traditional economy?
  5. What does it mean to live in an urban area?

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  1. drought, over population, deforestationWhat is reforestation?


  2. low GDP, low literacy rate, high povertyList at least 3 characteristics of a developing nation.


  3. economic system in which the government decides what to produce, where to make it and what price to chargeWhat is meant by the term freedom of press"?


  4. Odesa/IstanbleWhat city on the Black Sea might serve as a crossroads between Europe and Asia?


  5. can print whatever they want if its trueWhat is a major problem in Africa today because of the Berlin Conference?