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  1. along water
  2. Appalacian Mountains
  3. Dalits
  4. few housing, increased crime, reduced farmland
  5. North American Free-Trade Agreement/ eliminates many tariffs on products flowing between countries of Canada, Mexico, and US
  1. a Which physical feature in the Eastern United States was the greatest barrier to westward migration of early American settlers?
  2. b What is NAFTA? What purpose does it serve
  3. c Where did all early civilzations settle?
  4. d Which group in Indian society is considered "dirty"and lowest group on the indian caste system?
  5. e List at least 3 negative effects on urban sprawl (Urbanization).

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  1. Why do many former Communist countries have a lower farm yield?
  2. What is censorship?
  3. List at least 3 characteristics of a developing nation.
  4. What purpose did the Great Wall of China serve during the Qin Dynasty?
  5. What physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?

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  1. clouds cant get over mountains, rains on that sideDescribe the orographic effect.


  2. amount of money a person makes in any year or any countryWhat is meant by the term per capta incom?


  3. South English Channel/ control access to MeditteranianWhere did the Battle of Trafalgar occur? Why might someone want to control this area of land?


  4. percentage of people who can read and writeWhat does a country's literacy rate measure?


  5. winterWhich group in Indian society is considered "dirty"and lowest group on the indian caste system?