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  1. North American Free-Trade Agreement/ eliminates many tariffs on products flowing between countries of Canada, Mexico, and US
  2. The Fertile Crecent
  3. how wall or how badly people live based on economic development
  4. can print whatever they want if its true
  5. small scale industries based in the home ex: weave fabrics, carve statues
  1. a What does a standard living show?
  2. b What is meant by the term freedom of press"?
  3. c What are cottage industries? Provide two examples of cottage industries.
  4. d The world's first civilizations developed in an area of the Middle East known by what other name?
  5. e What is NAFTA? What purpose does it serve

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  1. What is censorship?
  2. What are the four factors that influence climate?
  3. What does it mean to live in a rural area?
  4. Which physical feature in the Eastern United States was the greatest barrier to westward migration of early American settlers?
  5. What were some problems that deleloped in Eurasian Republics as a result of the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union?

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  1. knocking down of Berlin WallWhat event led to the reunification of East and West Germany?


  2. to protect China from foriegn invadersWhat is reforestation?


  3. gender, age, birth and death rates, migration patternsWhat demographic features help to shape a population pyramid?


  4. BrazilWhich country in South America is known for its tropical rain forests?


  5. official policies that forced black South Africans to Live in separate area and use separate facilities from White South AfricansWhat is a refugee?


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