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  1. was a meeting between european countries to decide layout of Africa
  2. the average number of people living in an area, expressed as persons per square mile
  3. to protect China from foriegn invaders
  4. Himalayas
  5. small scale industries based in the home ex: weave fabrics, carve statues
  1. a What physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?
  2. b What was the Berlin Conference?
  3. c What is meant by the term population density?
  4. d What purpose did the Great Wall of China serve during the Qin Dynasty?
  5. e What are cottage industries? Provide two examples of cottage industries.

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  1. List at least 3 negative effects on urban sprawl (Urbanization).
  2. What does it mean to be a subsistance farmer?
  3. What is censorship?
  4. What does a standard living show?
  5. What city on the Black Sea might serve as a crossroads between Europe and Asia?

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  1. if it can be used for shipping/ deep and wide enoughWhat makes a river navigable?


  2. clouds cant get over mountains, rains on that sideDescribe the orographic effect.


  3. along waterWhen does the Northern Hemisphere have the coldest climate?


  4. no money - povertyWhere did all early civilzations settle?


  5. hydroelectric power, flood controlWhat are some costs and somebenefits of the Three Gorges Dam in China?