protein synthesis

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DNA is the molecule of heredity that contains instructions to build proteins. in 1958, francis crick described the central dogma of molecular biology explaining the process of gene expression. pick the correct term to fill in the blank spaces of the image.
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have a look at the simplified depiction of a DNA strand. which strand is the template strand?bottomwhich is the correct mRNA sequence resulting from the EPO gene transcription process?5' - AUU ACA AUG GGG GUG CAC GAA UGU CCU -3'what is the correct amino acid translated from the resulting mRNA?MGVHECPthe erythropoietin protein is 193 amino acids long, that means the number of nucleic acid in the mRNA molecule including the initiator in terminator codons are...582downstream means near the three prime end, so noticed that the first codon is not methionine. what is the correct amino acid sequence?TGDRamino acids are linked by covalent peptide bonds. the reaction of a peptide bond produces one water molecule. multiple amino acids are linked together by...peptide bondsa sequence of amino acids, or a polypeptide, grows from the N- terminus to the C- terminus. this polypeptide chain represents the primary structure of a protein. the linear sequence of amino acids within a protein is considered the ... structure of the protein.primarywhich level of protein structure is formed by the weak bonds between oxygen and hydrogen atoms within the polypeptide back down?secondarythe main to secondary structures of proteins are alpha helices and data sheets which are marked by ... and ... in the image.B and Abased on the mass spectrometer result, what is the mass difference between rhEPO expressed in CHO and E.Coli?12 kDaglycosylation sites are marked with a diagram of glycan. based on the mass spectrometry results, rhEPO is glycosylated in which expression system?CHObased on the mass spectrometry results, how many glycosylation sites exist in rhEPO-CHO?4bacterial cells often cannot produce recombinant proteins that are identical to Native mammalian proteins. the reason for this is that bacterial cells...lack the machinery for making post transitional modificationsrecombinant proteins produced by E. coli cells are not qlycosylated. this is because E.coli cells do not possess..golgi apparatusbased on the mass spectrometry results, the masses of our rhEPO expressed in CHO and E. coli are 30 kDa and 18 kDa, respectively. we also know that the EPO proteins expressed mammalian cells are glycosylated. therefore we can say that ... of rhEPO express in CHO are polysaccharides.0.4are mammalian expression systems better than the bacterial systems for the production of biologically active and stable erythropoietin?yes, erythropoietin is best expressed in mammalian cellsmass spectrometry identities molecules based on their...mass and chargeMALDI is an abbreviation for...matrix assisted laser desorption/ionizationmacromolecule ionization methods, such as MALDI MS, allow us to obtain a peptide mass fingerprint that can be used to...predict the identity of an unknown proteinX, Y, and Z refer to the parts of a mass spectrometer. X detects the number of different ions. Y is where ion production from the sample takes place. Z separates ions with different mass to charge ratio's. which diagram is the correct representation of X, Y, and Z?Y,Z,Xproteins samples are mixed with a matrix prior to analysis. what is the function of a matrix in MALDI MS analysis?ensures ionization of protein moleculesin mass spectrometry protein molecules are separated based on their mass to charge ratio. the data is recorded in a histogram for analysis. which of these histograms are not coherent with the mask spectrometry principal?II, III, IVwhich athlete is using rhEPO?CEPO can increase production of energy by increasing ... blood cell