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  1. Me choca la actitud de...
  2. Eso no es cierto.
  3. el horario
  4. los cursos
  5. respetar a
  1. a classes
  2. b That´s not true.
  3. c schedule
  4. d to respect
  5. e I can´t stand the attitude of...

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  1. algebra
  2. I disagree.
  3. literature
  4. to take notes
  5. The guidance counselor insists that I take...

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  1. No hay igualdad entre...There is no equality between...


  2. la discriminacióndiscrimination


  3. Vamos a tener otra prueba en...We are going to have another quiz in...


  4. juzgarto judge


  5. la impresión equivocadauniversity