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Her approach to the problem seems to be have guided by the time-honored _____ that "Force is the remedy for nothing."


Since the close of World War II, almost 100 former colonies have gained full _____ and joined the family of nations.


She has made so many contradictory promises to so many people that I don't see how she can _____ herself from the situation


Shivers went up and down our spines as, in a(n) _____ voice, the teacher spoke to us of ghosts, vampires, and the "living dead."


It is _____ that democracy, more than any other form of government, calls for the active participation of al the people in public affairs.


The decision was a disappointment to me, but after thinking it over, I had to agree that it was _____.


The new government, seeking to restore normal conditions, declared a(n) _____ for all political prisoners.


It was Lincoln who said: "Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty _____ of war may speedily pass away."


The standards of behavior generally accepted in Victorian times would probably be rejected today as excessively _____.


I tried to warn them of the dangers involved in such an undertaking, but all my _____ and admonitions fell on deaf ears.


The carton was not heavy, but it was so _____ that it took four of us to carry it to the shed.


Even the most talented actors could not breathe life and credibility into the _____ lines of the silly play.


Who thought that the new treasurer could sink so low as to _____ money from the club's petty cash fund?


My teachers criticism of my term paper was so _____ that after reading it I felt thorougly crushed.


It became clear that the squad of policemen would be unable to control the small but _____ crowd of angry protesters.


His fame as a football star proved to be _____, and he found himself just another young man looking for a job.


Failures are always unpleasant, but if you learn from them, they may have a(n) _____ effect on your future career.


Any unit of government -- national or local -- that _____ sound economic principles is headed for disaster.


The fighter planes of World War II sometimes had the pictures of famous movie stars like Betty Grable, _____ on the fuselage.


The _____ effect of his droning lectures surpasses that of any sleeping pill now in use.

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