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flexible response

increase in coventional defense not nuclear weapons


first cosmonic or human in space

great society

phrase johnson used in grand vision of america


president after kennedy

peace corps

a program of u.s. volunteer assistance to developing nations of asia africa latin america


communication satellite. first satellite to successfully relay live tv pictures across the atlantic ocean from maine to europe

voting right act of 1965

ended the practice of requiring voters to pass literacy tests permitted the federal goverment

warren commission

they concluded jfk had been shot by oswald acting onhis own

john glenn

orbited the earth 3x in his space capsule named frienship 7


organized the montgomery bus boycott

black panthers

newton and seal

de facto segregation

segregation that exists by practice and custom

de jure segregation

segregation by law

kerner commission

group that studied the causes of urban violence


won court case that favored him to enroll in all white school


registered to vote at the cost of being crippled beaten and evicted

black power

phrase carmicheal came up with to provoke the night marchers


leader of montgomery improvement association

brown vs board of education

supremem court unanimously struck down segregation as unconstitutional

malcom x

father was murdered mother a drug addict became to preach about black supertity and equality with whites


set the stage for the civil rights movement

plessy vs ferguson

created the seperate but equal doctrine. seperation in public accomadations were legal

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