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Exams for S.S. chpt 12

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Spoils system
The practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs.
How many terms did Jackson serve
How many terms did Adams serve
skilled workers
Nominating convention
Where delegates from all the states chose the party's candidate for president
Indian removal Act
forced many Native Americans to move west of the Mississippi. (15,000)
Trail of Tears
The Cherokees long, sorrowful journey west
The use of insults to attack an opponents reputation
The right to vote
Private meeting to choose a candidate.
Period of declining business profits and lost jobs.
Why did the South pass the Nullification Act
To protest the tariff of 1832
Which of the qualities earned Andrew Jackson wide-spread support among voters
He was a champion of the common people.
Which of the groups suffered financially from the Tariff of Abominations?
Southern Planters
What new political party of the 1830s attracted supporters of Andrew Jackson?
What change did MOST eastern states make in voting requirements by the 1830s?
A man no longer had to own property to vote.
Why did President Jackson disapprove of the Bank of the United States?
He thought it was too powerful.
In 1828 Congress passed the highest tariff in the nation's history, what did Southerners call it?
Tariff of Abomination
Election of 1824
John Quincy Adams
Henry Clay
Andrew Jackson
Ended in a tie so went to the House Of Reps. Clay lost and became secretary and told everyone to vote for Adams
Andrew Jackson
Was a very powerful President and used the Spoils System, had a kitchen cabinet and nicknamed old hickory.
Nullification Act
Was made to nullify the tariff on goods
Was Jackson against the Native Americans
Why were the Native American Forced out of their home land?
Southerners wanted more land to grow crops.
Martin Van Buren Economic Depression
Was caused by inflammation and the bank of the united states were closed so states burrowed money without a limit.
What happened during harrison was President?
He died and John Tyler took over. He was kicked out of the Whig Party. (Democrat)