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  1. Digital subscriber line
  2. spimming
  3. worm
  4. Difference between the web and the internet
  5. cyberstalkers
  1. a The Web contains the information. The Internet transports information to and from users.
  2. b similar to a virus but does not need the action of a user to execute the code and cause damage
  3. c spam that targets users of instant messaging
  4. d is a high-speed online connection that requires a special external modem with telephone lines.
  5. e use email, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phone, or other forms of information technology to make repeated credible threats of violence against another individual or family members of an individual

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  1. a set of standards that define how two types of programs can communicate with each other through the Internet
  2. alert the sender that the spam message has been opened, adding your address to a list of validated addresses.
  3. small files written to your hard disk by the Web sites you visit
  4. the second part of a complete URL
  5. index information such as job advertisements, and names and addresses.

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  1. satellite accessrequires a satellite dish in addition to a phone line and modem for an Internet connection.


  2. Virusspreads from computer to computer by user action


  3. cyber lawa term used to refer to the Internet, is the unlimited span of networks using the same data exchange methods


  4. exclusion operatorgenerally a minus sign (-), are used so that only Web pages excluding those criteria are retrieved


  5. PhishingLegitimate looking email created to get personal data