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  1. spam
  2. privacy
  3. cyberstalkers
  4. The Domain Name System
  5. web beacon
  1. a alert the sender that the spam message has been opened, adding your address to a list of validated addresses.
  2. b an individual's ability to eliminate the collection, use, and sale of confidential personal information
  3. c Unsolicited e-mails received by users, usually from advertisers
  4. d a system used by the internet to link domain names with their corresponding IP addresses.
  5. e use email, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phone, or other forms of information technology to make repeated credible threats of violence against another individual or family members of an individual

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  1. Legitimate looking email created to get personal data
  2. authentication—the use of voice recognition, retinal scans, and fingerprint scans for authentication purposes.
  3. angry messages sent by other users
  4. the means to communicate without disclosing one's identity
  5. small files written to your hard disk by the Web sites you visit

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  1. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)uses radio waves to track a chip or tag


  2. computer viruscode concealed inside a program that can harm or destroy files


  3. Digital subscriber lineinsiders modify data by altering accounts or database records so that it's difficult or impossible to tell that they've stolen funds or equipment


  4. firewallprovide organized subject guide links to topics such as the news, local weather, and e-mail.


  5. dial-up accessconnects users to the Internet through a modem and a telephone line.