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  1. Internet
  2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce
  3. cable access
  4. path
  5. email attachment
  1. a provides a high-speed Internet connection using a cable modem, not a phone line.
  2. b the third part of a complete URL, specifies the location of the document on the server.
  3. c shopping online rather than at a physical store
  4. d a universal system of computers and networks
  5. e a computer file included with an e-mail message.

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  1. uses links to move to additional related information
  2. a program that displays a Web document and permits access to linked documents.
  3. angry messages sent by other users
  4. are crimes perpetrated through the Internet
  5. a simple web page on which any visitor can post text or images, read previous posts, change posted information, and track earlier changes

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  1. Internet backbonea set of standards that define how two types of programs can communicate with each other through the Internet


  2. active badgea virus program that remains dormant on a computer system until it is activated by a specific event


  3. computer viruscode concealed inside a program that can harm or destroy files


  4. cyber lawa term used to refer to the Internet, is the unlimited span of networks using the same data exchange methods


  5. plug-insare software programs that browsers use for extra features such as sound and video.