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  1. Virus
  2. cable access
  3. cookies
  4. The Domain Name System
  5. identity theft
  1. a small files written to your hard disk by the Web sites you visit
  2. b provides a high-speed Internet connection using a cable modem, not a phone line.
  3. c when a criminal gains access to personal information in order to impersonate someone
  4. d a system used by the internet to link domain names with their corresponding IP addresses.
  5. e spreads from computer to computer by user action

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  1. alert the sender that the spam message has been opened, adding your address to a list of validated addresses.
  2. are crimes perpetrated through the Internet
  3. use email, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phone, or other forms of information technology to make repeated credible threats of violence against another individual or family members of an individual
  4. Legitimate looking email created to get personal data
  5. provides extremely fast Internet access through fiber-optic lines that run directly to users' homes. No modems are required.

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  1. search operatorsare used to perform complex searches.


  2. paththe third part of a complete URL, specifies the location of the document on the server.


  3. wild carda simple web page on which any visitor can post text or images, read previous posts, change posted information, and track earlier changes


  4. spimmingspam that targets users of instant messaging


  5. emailis a type of application software that makes sending and receiving messages through computer networks possible