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  1. Fossil Record
  2. Why are the same fossils found on different continents?
  3. Speciation
  4. Green color in plants comes from?
  5. Genotype
  1. a the history of life in the geologic past as indicated by the traces or remains of living things
  2. b Because of continental drift.
  3. c Chlorophyll
  4. d the entire genetic makeup of an organism
  5. e the formation of new species as a result of evolution

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  1. Rocks- organisms buried by sediment. The fossils are preserved when sediment hardens to form sedimentary rock.
    Amber- organisms get caught in sticky tree sap. sap hardens to form amber and then the fossil is preserved.
    Ice- organims fall or die in water, and become preserved fossils when the water freezes and becomes ice.
    Asphalt- pools of sticky asphalt trap and preserve organisms to make fossils
    petrification- when an organism's tissues are replaced with minerals
  2. A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes, and the chromosomes decondense. Mitosis is complete.
  3. The principle that states that younger rocks lie above older rocks if the layers have not been disturbed.
  4. Spores are carried to different places
  5. In a cell that lacks a wall, the cell pinches in two. In a cell that has a cell wall, a cell plate forms and seperates the cells into two new cells.

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  1. Fossil Evidence...


  2. DNA---- What is it and where is it located?DeoxyriboNucleic Acid is the hereditary material that directs all cell activities, including the making of new cells. It's located in the nucleus of the cell.


  3. Mendela group of organisms that are closely related and can mate to produce fertile offsring


  4. Be able to complete a genetic cross and discuss the outcometells us if the two organisms are similar or related, and also helps us find common ancestor


  5. Chromosome?an organism's appearance or other detectable characteristic