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  1. What is germination? Pollination?
  2. Recessive trait
  3. Why is it important for the plant to have sunlight?
  4. Dominant trait
  5. What process do all cells need to do to make use of the sugar that the plants make?
  1. a a trait that reappears in the second generation after disappearing in the first generation when parents that have different traits are bred.
  2. b So plants can absorb energy from the sun and change the energy into food through the process called photosynthesis.
  3. c Cellular respiration. In cell respiration the energy is freed from the sugar made during photosynthesis. Some of the energy is used to form ATP.
  4. d the trait observed in the first generation when parents that have different traits are bred.
  5. e germination- sprouting
    pollination- The transfer of pollen from the male to female

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  1. a plant that has specialized tissues that conduct materials from one part of the plant to another.
  2. The principle that states that younger rocks lie above older rocks if the layers have not been disturbed.
  3. The nuclear membrane is dissolved. Paired chromatids align at the cell's equator.
  4. the formation of new species as a result of evolution
  5. Is used to predict the possible genotypes of an offspring in a particular cross.

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  1. Green color in plants comes from?Chlorophyll


  2. Speciesa group of organisms that are closely related and can mate to produce fertile offsring


  3. Discuss the four parts of natural selection.Overproduction- organisms may have many offspring but not all of them survive
    Inherited Variation- every individual has its own combination of traits. Each organism is similar but not identical to its parents
    Struggle to Survive- some organisms may get caught by predators. others may starve or get diseases. only some of them will survive to adulthood.
    Successful Reproduction- the organisms that are best adapted to their environment are likely to have many offspring that survive.


  4. Genotypethe entire genetic makeup of an organism


  5. Why do the cells need to make ATP? What do they use to make it?Adenosine TriphosPhate is made from the process Cell Respiration. ATP supplies energy that fuels cell activities, such as growth.