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minor surgery review

relapse is the disappearance of the clinical symptoms of disease
a germicide is an agent that destroys pathogenic microorganisms
an antiseptic is an agent that can be used on the skin to inhibit the growth of microorganisms
employers must provide their own alternative to latex gloves if they show signs of latex anaphylaxis
employers must provide employees with hepatitis B immunization free of charge within 10 days of the start of employment
hands do not have be washed if the healthcare worker conscientiously uses gloves during all possible times of employment
always lock each instrument before immersion in the chemical decontaminant to permit cleasing of the entire surface area
nylon suture is nonabsorbent and strong and has a high degree of elasticity
hydrogen peroxide is the preferred antiseptic for skin preparation before surgery
after instruments have been immersed in a chemical sterilizing agent, they should be rinsed with clean bottled water
the physcian may spray a topical anesthetic agent, such as fluori-methane, on a surgical site before injecting local anesthsia
sterile technique does not have to be followed in preparation of a site for surgery
local anesthesia can last as long as 5 hours
epinephrine may be included in local anesthetics because of its vasodilating effect
one method of controlling epistaxis is to apply silver nitrate sticks t the bleeder site
surgical sponges used to absorb blood and drainage during a surgical procedure do not have to be sterile
suture scissors have a beak or hook tip that can slide under the suture for removal
bandage scissors have a pointy sharp probe tip that is inserted under the bandage for removal
a trocar is used to dilate or open a body orifice
a probe is used to search for foreign objects in a wound
stainless steel and chrome plated instruments should be placed in the same basin for disinfection
contaminated instruments should be placed in a container of disinfectant solution, with heavier intstruments on the bottomnd lighter on the top
an effective method for disinfecting instrumentsthat are contaminated with dried blood and secretionsis to soak the closed instruments in a mild detergent
detergent used for cleasing of surgical instruments should have a low PH to prevent damaging the instruments
use of an ultrasonic washer is an effective and safe method for cleaning instruments with sharp edges
if instruments must be cleaned by hand, the medical assistant should always wear disposible latex gloves to prevent injury or exposure to contaminants
air currents carry bacteria, so body motions and talking over a sterile field should be kept to a minimum
infection can cause deat in some circumstances
it is all right for sterile field to get wet
sterile team members should always face one another
always keep the sterile field in your view
never turn your back on a sterile field or wander away from it
when autoclaving, place a guaze sponge around the tips of sharp instruments to prevent them from piercing the wrapping material
nonsterile persons should never reach over a sterile field
all hinged instruments are wrapped in the opn position to allow full steam penetration of the joint
when using sterilizing bags, insert the grasping end of the instruments last
techniques for medical asepsis create a sterile environment
venipuncture should be conducted with sterile technique
unwrapped items in an autoclave require more time to sterilize than wrapped items
wet steam in an autoclave can be caused by placement of cold instrumentsin a hot chamber
storing an autoclave pack that has a small tear in the wrapper for up to 2 weeks is acceptable
after autoclaving, a change in the color of the dye of the autoclave tape indicates that the pack is sterile
a wet instrument pack is automatically considered contaminated
plastic wrapped autoclave packs are considered sterile for up to 6 months
chemical sterilization requires immersion of the items in the chemical mixture for a minimum of 24 hours
patient and practitioner eyes must be portected during laser surgicak procedures
the medical assistant should wear clean gloves when decontaminating the postsurgical room
erythema or edema at the surgical site without the presence of fever does not have to be reported to the physcian
a large gaping wound that must heal from the bottom of the wound outward heals by first intention
suppuration can cause problems with wound healing
a bandage must be applied with sterile technique
incorporate into cells' reproductive material
what action do viruses take when they enter the body's cells
after withdrawing medication from a vial
which of the following scenarios is the only situation in whch recaping a needle is considered an appropiate procedure
seecific steps fr providing effective patient treatment
which of the following is not a major area that must be covered in the medical facility's exposure control plan required by OSHA
friction and running water
what are the two important factors in performingn effective hand wash
the process used to wash and remove blood ad tissue from medical instruments is called
removing jewelry
the most important step in achieving hand asepsis is
the method that completely destroys microorganisms is
cover the spill with papper towels, pour 10% beach solution on towels, wait 15 minutes, wipe up te spill while wearing gloves, and discard the paper towels in an infectious waste container
while blood specimen is being prepared for laboratory analysis, the container tips over ad blood spills on the laboratory table. which of the following is the most appropriate management of the spill
when recapping an unused needle
according to OSHA regulations, under which of the following circumstances is recapping needles allowed
active tuberculosis
for which of the following is a medical assisant required to wear a mask while taking the patients medical history
keeping the needle intact
which of the following is the recommended method for disposal of needles in a puncture- proof container
the CDC doe not recommend standard precautions for which of the following body fluids if the fluids does not contain visible blood
placing the materials in a leakproof container durng collection
which of the following procedures is appropriate for preparing blood and other potentially infectious materials for transport
personal protective equipment
gloves, gowns, and goggles are examples of
engineering controls
blunt needles, needlesless system, and resheathing syringes are examples of
wash hands thoroughly each time a symptomatic child is contacted
on the basis of your understanding of the chain of infection, what would be the most effective method for controlling the spread of conjunctiviis in a daycare center
is a resisant bacterial reproductive cell that can become active and cause disease
a bacterial spore
both a and b
inflammation mediators that are released at the site of cellular damage perform which of the following functions
causes destruction of pathogens at the site of infecton
cell-mediated immunity
latent infections
relapse and remissionare seen frequently in what types of infection
are treated with a focus on palliative care
viral infections
thoroughly wash the needestick site
rosa was assisting with a pediatric immunizations when she recieved an accidential needlestick. what is the first thing rosa should do
wear latex gloves when cleanng sharp instrumnents
what should not be done when sanitizing an instrument
soak instrument in a closed container
for disinfection to be effective, what must the medical assistant do
littauer stitch or suture scissors
blade has a beak or hook to slide under sutures
needle holders
jaws are shorter and look stronger than hemostat jaws
splinter forceps
design and construction vary. fine tip for foreign object retieval
towel forceps (towel clamp)
have very sharp hooks
nasal specula
valves can be spread to facilitate viewing
bayonet forceps
manufactured in different lengths. smooth-tipped.used to insert packing into o remove objects from nose and ear
surgical instruments are generally classified according to use. which is not a classification for instruments
b and d
which antiseptic are the most effective for surgical hand scrub or patient skin preparation for surgery
which of the following anesthetic agents is injected into subcutaneous tissue, resulting in temporary cessation of feeling at the siteof the injection
choose the smallest diameter of a suture strand
the invasion of body tissue by microorganisms that then proliferate and damage tissues
living organisms that can be seen only with a light microscope
disease-causing microorganisms
property by which a substance can pass or soak through
presence pf pus-forming organisms in the blood
reducing the number of microorganisms to a safe level
thick-walled dormant form of bacteria, very resistant to disinfection measures
complete destruction of all forms of microbial life
haaving a rapid onset and severe symptoms
a substance tht kills microorganisms
surgical asepsis
____is the complete destruction of organisms on instruments or equpiment that will enter the patient's body. this technique is mandatory for any procedure that invades the body's skin or tissues such as surgery
121to123 C (250 to 255 F)
the recommended temperature for sterilization in an autoclave is
all of the above
which of te following guidelines should be followed when unloading an autoclave
28 days
generally, what is the shelf-life of a sterilized pack