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Nuclear hazard
War and military action
Government seizure or destruction of property
Building ordinance enforcement
Off-premises utility service interruption
Earth movement
Water (flood, mudslide, seepage, and sewer backup)
Delay, loss of use, and loss of market
Smoke, vapor, or gas from agricultural or industrial operations
Wear and tear; rust, corrosion, fungus, decay, deterioration, hidden or latent defect; smog; settling, cracking, shrinking, or expansion; nesting, infestation, or release of secretions by insects, birds, rodents or animals
Dampness, dryness, changes or extremes of temperature, and marring or scratching, all with respect to personal property only
Damage to electrical devices by artificially generated electric current
Mechanical breakdown
Boiler explosion
Loss to steam and hot water equipment from any condition within the equipment
Seepage or leakage of water, or the presence of moisture or humidity, over a period of 14 or more days
Rain, snow, ice or sleet damage to personal property in the open
Weight of snow, ice, or sleet on gutters and downspouts
Damage to building interiors by rain, snow, sleet, ice, sand, or dust unless the roof or walls are first damaged - except damage by thawing of snow, ice, or sleet
Leakage from equipment caused by freezing, unless certain precautions have been taken
Collapse, except when resulting from the specified cause of loss; hidden decay, insect, or vermin damage; weight of people or personal property or rain that collects on a roof; and faulty workmanship or materials if loss occurs during construction or renovation
Release of pollutants except when resulting from specified causes of loss
Employee dishonesty
Voluntary parting with property and unauthorized transfer of property
Missing property when the only evidence of loss is inventory shortage
Theft of building materials and supplies not yet attached to buildings
Loss from fungus, wet or dry rot, and bacteria (unless resulting from fire or lightning), except as provided in the $15,000 fungus additional coverage provision
Loss from causes other than fire, explosion, etc., to: valuable papers and records; animals; builder's machinery, tools, and equipment off premises; breakage of fragile articles
Theft loss sublimits apply to: furs; jewelry; patterns, dies, and molds; and stamps, tickets, and letters of credit