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TestOut Client Pro - 8.3.2 - Lab - Manage Account Policies

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You have been asked to perform administrative tasks for a computer that is not a member of a domain. To increase security and prevent unauthorized access to the computer, you need to configure specific password and account lockout policies.
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In this lab, your task is to use the Local Security Policy to configure the following password and account lockout policies:
Configure password settings so that the user must:
Cycle through 10 passwords before reusing an old one.
Change the password every 90 days.
Keep the password at least 14 days.
Create a password at least 8 characters long.
Create a password that meets complexity requirements such as using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols.
Configure the account lockout policy to:
Lock out any user who enters five incorrect passwords.
Unlock an account automatically after 60 minutes.
Configure the number of minutes that must elapse after a failed logon attempt to 10 minutes.
1. Set the password policies.
a. Select Start and then select Windows Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.
b. From the left pane, expand and select Account Policies > Password Policy.
c. Maximize the window and then expand the Policy column for better viewing.
d. From the middle pane, double-click the applicable policy to be modified.
e. Configure the appropriate value and then select OK.
f. Repeat steps 1d - 1e for the remaining password polices to be configured.
2. Set the account lockout policies.
a. From the left pane, under Account Policies, select Account Lockout Policy.
b. From the middle pane, double-click Account lockout threshold.
c. Configure the lock out value to 5 and then select OK.
d. Review the suggested changes and then select OK.
e. Double-click Account lockout duration.
f. Configure the value to 60 and then select OK.
g. Double-click Reset account lockout counter after.
h. Configure the value to 10 and then select OK.