Skeletal Tissue

what is the main function of the bones of the appendicular skeleton?
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which of the following is an opening in a bone?canal (meatus)what structure on the sphenoid bone houses the pituitary gland?sella turcicawhat is the superior portion of the cranial cavity called?calvariaCraniostenosis is the premature fusion of one or more skull sutures in an infant. predict what problem may arise if the skull sutures prematurely ossify during infancy.the bones of the skull may be deformed and brain development can be restricted when skull sutures prematurely closethe rounded end of a bone that is used for articulation is called acondylewhich foramen is a feature of the occipital bone?foramen magnumwhat is the anatomical name for the facial bones known as "cheekbones"?zygomatic boneswhich pair of bones meet along the sagittal suture/parietal bonesDidentify the tibiathe zygomatic process is a projection on the _______ bonetemporalwhat is the small hole on the maxillary bone located below the orbit?infraorbital foramenthe palatine bone contributes to the structure of thehard palategeri has pain behind her ear lobe and was diagnosed with mastoiditis. which bone is affected?temporal bonethe human body has approximately _________ bones206what bones meet at the lambdoid suture?occipital bone and parietal boneswhat cranial bone articulates with all other cranial bones?sphenoid bonewhat bone serves as an attachment point for the muscles but does not articulate with any other bone?hyoid bonewhich bones house teeth?mandible and maxillary boneswhich of the following is an obvious difference between a male and female skull?the mandibular angle of the male skull is closer to 90 degress, and that of the female skull is generally greater than 90 degreeswhat is the depression in the temporal bone that articulates with mandible?mandibular fossahow many pairs of ribs articulate directly with the sternum?7what are the two primary curvatures seen in the vertebral column of a fetus?thoracic and sacralthe weight-bearing structure of a vertebra is thebodyhow many cervical vertebrae exist in the vertebral column?7what is the region of the skull that articulates with the atlas?occipital condylewhich of the following characteristics make lumbar vertebrae easy to recognize?thicker and shorter pedicles and laminaewhat unique feature is present only on cervical vertebrae?transverse foraminawhich of the following vertebrae features border the vertebral foramen laterally?pediclewhich vertebrae resemble the head of a giraffe?thoracicthe ________ is the superior part of the sternummanubriumwhat is the soft jelly-like substance that functions as a shock absorber in an intervertebral disc called?nucleus pulposuswhat does the first cervical vertebra (C1 or atlas) lack?spinous processwhich abnormal spinal curvature gives a "hunchback" appearance?kyphosiswhat is another name for the vertebral ribs?floating ribswhat structure is present on the second cervical vertebra (C2 or axis) that allows you to rotate your neck to say "no"?dens (odontoid process)which of the following is the bony projection at the bottom of the sternum?xiphoid processwhat part of the scapula articulates with the humerus?glenoid cavitywhat bone features are commonly called the ankle bones?malleolithe largest and strongest bone in the body is thefemurwhich of the following bones articulate with the clavicle medially?sternumwrist bones are known ascarpalsthe patellar ligament connects the patella to thetibiawhat is the only tarsal that articulates with the leg?talusthe thumb is the _________, whereas the great toe is the ________pollex; halluxwhich part of the coxal bone articulates with the sacram?illiumwhich of the following features is the large hole in the coxal bone?obturator foramenwhat bones form the forearm (antebrachium)?ulna and radiuswhich of the following prominent features on the proximal epiphysis of the ulna can be felt through the skin?olecranonwhich of the following landmarks is found on the proximal end of the humerus?greater tuberclewhich of the following features is typical of a male pelvis?heart-shaped pelvic inletthe distal end of the fibula articulates with thetaluswhich of the following bones is a carpal bone?capitatewhich bone feature of the pelvic bone is the articulation site for the femur?acetabulumhow many metatarsals are in the foot?5what three bones fuse during childhood to form the coxal bone?illium, ischium, pubisdan fell from a ladder and broke his outside ankle. what bone feature sustained the injury?lateral malleoluswhat are bones of the fingers and toes collectively called?phalangesin anatomical position, the ulna is _________ to the radiusmedialwhat depression is found on the medial, anterior surface of the humerus?coronoid fossawhat is the largest tarsal bone?calcaneuswhich bones features a prominent line called the linea aspera?femurwhich prominent arch runs along the medial side of the foot from the calcaneus to metatarsals I-III?medial longitudinal archwhat part of the scapula articulates with the clavicle?acromionwhich of the following bone features on the proximal femur is the site of a ligament attachment from the acetabulum?fovea capitiswhat part of each metacarpal forms the "knuckle" of your hand?head