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Heat Transfer with Pictures - Original

Vocabulary related to our heat transfer unit of study for sixth grade

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heat transfer by direct contact of molecules
thermal energy is transferred by the movement of matter; this happens in FLUIDS (means gases and liquids in science) ; WARM FLUIDS BECOME LESS DENSE AND RISE; THEY GIVE ENERGY TO COOLER MOLECULES AND GET COOLER; THESE COOLER FLUIDS BECOME MORE DENSE AND SINK; this makes gas and liquid flow in a CONVECTION CURRENT
heat is transferred through electromagnetic rays; matter is not needed at all to transfer energy; thermal energy travels through space; electromagnetic waves that transfer heat are called INFRARED waves
a material that transfers energy easily; metals
a material that slows the transfer thermal energy or electric current between its particles
thermal energy
heat energy; when temperatures increase, molecules vibrate, the substance expands
direct contact
how thermal energy is transferred in conduction
indirect contact
in radiation, thermal energy is transferred through this type of contact using electromagnetic waves, energy travels through space
the units of measurement used to measure temperature in the the US Customary measurement system
a measurement of the TOTAL ENERGY in a substance; both the kinetic and potential energy found in the matter
kinetic energy
energy of motion
potential energy
stored energy
electromagnetic waves
wave that you can't see that carries energy from one place to another
convection current
a place where warm less dense gas or liquids rise and and cool as they give away energy; this cooler denser gas or liquid sinks to get heated again; this creates wind in the atmosphere (notice warm air rises above warm sand on the beach during the day and this pulls in cool air over the ocean), it also creates currents in the ocean or other waters
the measure of the AVERAGE amount of ENERGY in matter
the scientific tool used to measure temperature, or the average amount of heat in matter
to move something - heat moves to a place where the temperatures are cooler

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