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  1. - Mediterranean Sea
  2. - Herodotus
  3. - Octavian Augustus
  4. - Tribunes
  5. - Trojan War
  1. a Ruler of Rome after second triumvirate Augustus=exalted one
  2. b 10 year war fought between Mycenae and Troy. According to legend a Greek army captured and destroyed Troy because a Trojan prince kidnaped Helen the beautiful wife of a Greek king
  3. c A sea surrounded by Africa, Europe, and Asia
  4. d (protect the rights of the plebeians)
  5. e Ancient Greek historian famous for writing about the wars between the Persians and Greeks

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  1. Ancient ruined city in NW Asia minor
  2. Ancient Greek dramist famous for his comedies
  3. The fundamental political unit in ancient Greece
  4. The most flourishing period in the history of a nation
  5. Last ruler of Rome (14 years old)

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  1. - Delian LeagueAn alliance of ancient Greek states to fight persia


  2. - Virgilpoet


  3. - CleopatraQueen of Egypt


  4. - Tarquin the ProudThe chief of the Huns


  5. - AthensCapital in SE Greece