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  1. - Italy
  2. - Delian League
  3. - Gods/goddesses
  4. - Sparta
  5. - Euripides
  1. a Worshiped to gain favor and avoid misfortune cities named after them
  2. b Located in S Europe and juts in to the Mediterranean sea
  3. c An alliance of ancient Greek states to fight persia
  4. d Ancient city in S Greece, capital of Laconia
  5. e Ancient Greek dramist famous for his tragedies

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  1. Greek people or language
  2. Religion spread by Jesus
  3. Member of second triumvirate that fell in love with Cleopatra
  4. Uneducated peoples that moved to the Mycenaean areas and ruined their culture. Little is known about them because they kept no written records
  5. Last Etruscan king of Rome

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  1. - SpainAncient city in S Greece, capital of Laconia


  2. - RepublicEducator and mathematician of Alexandria


  3. - Scipio Africanus(wealthy landowners)


  4. - MinoansAncient peoples who lived in Crete and were ruled by king Minos, lived in the city of Knossos, influenced Mycenaean religion, art, politics, literature, and writing


  5. - Punic WarsAthenian statesman responsible for the construction of the parthenon