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  1. - Theodosius
  2. - Romulus and Remus
  3. - Greece
  4. - Republic
  5. - Indus River
  1. a (power rests with citizens who elect leaders)
  2. b Last emperor of united Rome that took control of eastern empire and ended the war with the Visigoths
  3. c On the Balkan peninsula in southern Europe
  4. d Twin brothers raised by a she-wolf that founded Rome
  5. e a river in S Asia, flowing from W Tibet through Kashmir and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea

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  1. Questioned the nature of the world and of human belief thought and knowledge.
  2. Octavian Lepidus Mark Antony
  3. Mountainous peninsula, 2000 islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, black sea, temperatures between 48-80 Seas were important transportation routes, connected Greece with other societies and each other, Greece lacked natural resources so they were able to trade for them Mountains divided land into multiple regions effecting political life, independent communities developed in each valley, transportation was difficult because of mountains, little fertile land or fresh water for farming Moderate temperatures supported outdoor life
  4. Persia Asia Egypt
  5. Landowners had to serve and it was made up of legions

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  1. - JerusalemAthenian statesman responsible for the construction of the parthenon


  2. - Twelve TablesWritten law of Rome


  3. - SocratesEncouraged Greeks to question themselves and their moral character. Thought to be corrupting the youth of Athens.


  4. - Archimedes(protect the rights of the plebeians)


  5. - AnatoliaStudent of Socrates who had the idea of the perfect society consisting of farmers artisans warriors and the ruling class


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