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  1. - Sparta
  2. - Draco
  3. - Solon
  4. - Herodotus
  5. - Macedonia
  1. a Ancient city in S Greece, capital of Laconia
  2. b an ancient kingdom in the Balkan Peninsula, in S Europe: now a region in N Greece
  3. c Athenian statesman that led the Athenians in the recapture of slamis
  4. d Ancient Greek historian famous for writing about the wars between the Persians and Greeks
  5. e Athenian statesmen noted for the severity of his code of laws

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  1. Athenian statesman that democratized the political structure of Athens
  2. Capital in SE Greece
  3. Indo-European speaking peoples
  4. Located in SW Europe
  5. Landowners had to serve and it was made up of legions

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  1. - Tiberius and Gaius GracchusTwin brothers raised by a she-wolf that founded Rome


  2. - AristophanesAncient peoples who lived in Crete and were ruled by king Minos, lived in the city of Knossos, influenced Mycenaean religion, art, politics, literature, and writing


  3. - RepublicLocated in SW Europe


  4. - DiasporaDispersal of Jews from their homeland in Palestine


  5. - CleopatraStudent of Socrates who had the idea of the perfect society consisting of farmers artisans warriors and the ruling class