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  1. - Mycenaean
  2. - Gods/goddesses
  3. - Punic Wars
  4. - Trojan War
  5. - Italy
  1. a People who settled on the Greek mainland (S Greece) around 2000 B.C. were influenced by the Minoans
  2. b Located in S Europe and juts in to the Mediterranean sea
  3. c Wars between Rome and Carthage
  4. d 10 year war fought between Mycenae and Troy. According to legend a Greek army captured and destroyed Troy because a Trojan prince kidnaped Helen the beautiful wife of a Greek king
  5. e Worshiped to gain favor and avoid misfortune cities named after them

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  1. Octavian Lepidus Mark Antony
  2. Julius Caesar Crassus and Pompey
  3. Capital in SE Greece
  4. Military leader who joined forces with Crassus and Pompey
  5. The most flourishing period in the history of a nation

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  1. Geography of GreeceIslands mountains size climate,etc. AND


  2. - Scipio AfricanusRoman general that stopped Hannibal


  3. - EuripidesAncient Greek dramist famous for his tragedies


  4. - Hellenistic CultureA culture consisting of Egyptian Persian and Indian influences


  5. - BritainLocated in Europe