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  1. - Aristotle
  2. - Second triumvirate
  3. - Battle at Actium
  4. - Aristophanes
  5. - Sicily
  1. a Questioned the nature of the world and of human belief thought and knowledge.
  2. b Final war of Rome between the forces of Octavian Marc Antony and Cleopatra
  3. c An island in the Mediterranean, constituting a region of Italy and separated from the SW tip of the mainland by the strait of messina
  4. d Ancient Greek dramist famous for his comedies
  5. e Octavian Lepidus Mark Antony

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  1. Last Etruscan king of Rome
  2. Located in SW Europe
  3. Located in S Europe and juts in to the Mediterranean sea
  4. Roman town containing paintings
  5. The most flourishing period in the history of a nation

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  1. - PericlesAthenian statesman responsible for the construction of the parthenon


  2. - Egyptan ancient kingdom in NE Africa: divided into the Nile delta (Lower Egypt) and the area from Cairo S to the Sudan (Upper Egypt).


  3. - Octavian AugustusLast ruler of Rome (14 years old)


  4. - DiocletianA strong-willed army leader that became the emperor of Rome and divided Rome into the Greek-speaking East and Latin-speaking West


  5. - NileAthenian statesman that led the Athenians in the recapture of slamis