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  1. Geography of Greece
  2. - Constantine
  3. - Tarquin the Proud
  4. - Pax Romana
  5. - Diocletian
  1. a A strong-willed army leader that became the emperor of Rome and divided Rome into the Greek-speaking East and Latin-speaking West
  2. b Roman emperor that named Constantinople the capital and made Christianity the main religion
  3. c Last Etruscan king of Rome
  4. d Islands mountains size climate,etc. AND
  5. e Roman peace

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  1. Twin brothers raised by a she-wolf that founded Rome
  2. Persia Asia Egypt
  3. Ruler of Rome after second triumvirate Augustus=exalted one
  4. Capital of Israel and holy land
  5. Worshiped to gain favor and avoid misfortune cities named after them

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  1. - AnatoliaStudent of Socrates who had the idea of the perfect society consisting of farmers artisans warriors and the ruling class


  2. - Romulus AugustulusTwin brothers raised by a she-wolf that founded Rome


  3. - CleopatraQueen of Egypt


  4. - GodsLocated in W Europe


  5. - Persian WarsBetween Greece and the Persian empire won by the Athenians