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  1. acids
  2. saturated
  3. avogadro's number
  4. limiting reagent
  5. synthesis
  1. a the substance which is totally consumed when the chemical reaction is complete
  2. b tastes sour, turns blue litmus red, conducts electricity, no reaction with phenolphthalein, reacts with metals, produces hydrogen, feels like water
  3. c maximum amount of solute dissolved
  4. d A+B=AB
  5. e 6.02x10^23

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  1. tastes salty, turns phenolphthalein cloudy, no effect of litmus paper, no rxn with metals, conducts electricity, feels like water
  2. A+BC=AC+B
  3. attraction of unlike particles for each other
  4. upward spreading of water through fine spaces or tubes due to cohesion and adhesion
  5. AB=A+B

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  1. basestastes bitter, turns red litmus blue, turns pink in phenolphthalein, no rxn with metals, conducts electricity, and feels slippery.


  2. double displacementAB+CD=AD+CB


  3. cohesionattraction of unlike particles for each other


  4. surface tensionskin like effect due to the cohesion of water molecules


  5. dilutesubstance dissolved in solvent


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