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reproductive intersex surgery Female Genital system and Maternity Care and Delivery

The female Genital System subection is divided by
----------- site from the vulva to the ovaries.


Skene's glands procedures are reported using codes from which subsection?


The vulva includes the following
bulb of --------------------
vainal orifice or vestibule grater and -----------------


Who is responsible for determining the complexity of destruction of lesions of the vulva?


Destruction of a lesion is also known as excision.
true or flase


Whould you expeceta pathology report to be available for a lesion thatn was removed by destruction? yes or no


The term that descibes the removal of a postion of the vulva is a (N) ---------------------


The removal of the vulvar area is reported with which two measures?-------------- and ------------------


Vular area tissue removal that involves the skin and deep subcutaneous tissue is termed-----------------


Vulvar area tissue removal that involves the skin and deep subcutaneous tissues is termed____________


A(n)------------- vulvectomy involves less

than 80% of the vulva and a(N)-------------------
vulvectomy involves more than 80% of the vulva.


Sue lind age 29 has PAP TEST.
The pathology report comes back positive for malignancy.
Her physician recommends and performs a diagnostic colposcopy evidence of further primary malignancy of the uters is seen and the physican does a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy 20 days later of a 236- gram uterus .Report only the hysterectomy and diagnosis code that indicates the medical necessity of the procedure



Laparoscopy with fulguration of obstructed oviducts



Oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertization from a donor by means of a follicle puncture with radiologic assistance



The attending physician who has provided Sally Fisher's obstetric care performed a


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