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  1. black hole
  2. corona
  3. Coriolis effect
  4. meteorite
  5. ion
  1. a outer layer of the Sun's atmosphere
  2. b a region of space with matter so dense that light cannot escape it
  3. c an electrically charged atom
  4. d mass of stone or metal that has passed through the atmosphere and struck the earth's surface
  5. e a circular pattern of winds created by Earth's rotation

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  1. release of water vapor into the air by plants
  2. process by which plants use chlorophyll and energy from sunlight to manufacture food from carbon dioxide
  3. process by which liquid water changes into a gas
  4. the release of water from the atmosphere
  5. a long period of unusually dry weather

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  1. tropicalhot, often dry, climate zone between 25 and 30 degrees latitude, north or south of the equator


  2. radiationpulling and rolling of large rocks by water or wind


  3. permeabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  4. ozonean electrically charged atom


  5. corecenter of the Sun where nuclear fusion occurs