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  1. salinity
  2. transpiration
  3. ozone
  4. corona
  5. Earth's energy budget
  1. a outer layer of the Sun's atmosphere
  2. b measure of dissolved minerals and salts in water
  3. c the balance between the amount of energy coming in from the Sun and going back out into space
  4. d release of water vapor into the air by plants
  5. e O3 molecules; part of an atmospheric layer that protects life from harmful ultraviolet rays

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  1. measures relative humidity using dry and wet bulb thermometers
  2. measures air pressure
  3. enormous cloud of gas and dust in space
  4. breakdown and change of rocks and minerals over time
  5. a galaxy whose stars are symmetrically dispersed in a spherical or elongated shape

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  1. black holecenter of the Sun where nuclear fusion occurs


  2. altitudeheight above the earth's surface


  3. thermospherelayer of the atmosphere above the mesosphere where temperatures are the highest in the atmosphere


  4. exospherethe layer of the atmosphere just above the stratosphere; burns up most meteors


  5. galaxydry, cold climate zone above 60 degree latitude