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  1. air mass
  2. solar mass
  3. photosynthesis
  4. spiral galaxy
  5. ozonosphere
  1. a the mass of the Sun; used to measure the masses of stars
  2. b a galaxy with a central bulge, flattened disk, and curving arms
  3. c large body of air with uniform temperature and humidity
  4. d a region in the upper stratosphere where ozone is concentrated
  5. e process by which plants use chlorophyll and energy from sunlight to manufacture food from carbon dioxide

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  1. day-to-day changes in atmospheric conditions, including temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind, cloud coverage, or precipitation
  2. transfer of heat or energy through rays of various wavelengths
  3. process by which liquid water changes into a gas
  4. an object that orbits the Sun, is spherical, and has cleared its orbit of other large objects
  5. describes how carbon and oxygen are exchanged and recycled on Earth

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  1. altitudeheight above the earth's surface


  2. ionan electrically charged atom


  3. permeabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  4. water tableallowing a fluid to pass through


  5. ozonean electrically charged atom