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  1. permeable
  2. galaxy
  3. core
  4. ionosphere
  5. Earth's energy budget
  1. a a sub-layer of the thermosphere containing ions
  2. b center of the Sun where nuclear fusion occurs
  3. c the balance between the amount of energy coming in from the Sun and going back out into space
  4. d a large scale collection of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity
  5. e allowing a fluid to pass through

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  1. enormous cloud of gas and dust in space
  2. region within the Sun where energy moves through circulating streams of gas molecules
  3. lower layer of the Sun's atmosphere
  4. dry, cold climate zone above 60 degree latitude
  5. describes how carbon and oxygen are exchanged and recycled on Earth

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  1. black holea region of space with matter so dense that light cannot escape it


  2. water tabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  3. solventcenter of the Sun where nuclear fusion occurs


  4. ozonospherelayer of the atmosphere nearest the earth where most weather changes occur


  5. solar massthe mass of the Sun; used to measure the masses of stars