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  1. evaporation
  2. wind shear
  3. psychrometer
  4. carbon-oxygen cycle
  5. Earth's energy budget
  1. a when winds change direction and speed up into the atmosphere
  2. b process by which liquid water changes into a gas
  3. c measures relative humidity using dry and wet bulb thermometers
  4. d the balance between the amount of energy coming in from the Sun and going back out into space
  5. e describes how carbon and oxygen are exchanged and recycled on Earth

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  1. layer of the atmosphere above the mesosphere where temperatures are the highest in the atmosphere
  2. mass of stone or metal that has passed through the atmosphere and struck the earth's surface
  3. breakdown and change of rocks and minerals over time
  4. amount of air space between soil or rock particles
  5. measures air pressure

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  1. water tabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  2. coronaO3 molecules; part of an atmospheric layer that protects life from harmful ultraviolet rays


  3. aquifersunderground layers of permeable rock from which groundwater can be removed


  4. urban heat island effectthe tendency of streets and buildings to absorb and retain the Sun's heat


  5. exospherethe sub-layer of the thermosphere where the atmosphere blends into space