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  1. permeable
  2. anemometer
  3. drought
  4. polar
  5. convection
  1. a process of heat transfer by the circulation or movement of a liquid or a gas
  2. b allowing a fluid to pass through
  3. c measures wind speed
  4. d dry, cold climate zone above 60 degree latitude
  5. e a long period of unusually dry weather

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  1. mass of stone or metal that has passed through the atmosphere and struck the earth's surface
  2. transfer of heat or energy through rays of various wavelengths
  3. top of the saturated zone in ground water
  4. a galaxy with a central bulge, flattened disk, and curving arms
  5. water's attraction to other water molecules

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  1. black holecenter of the Sun where nuclear fusion occurs


  2. sublimationprocess by which ice or snow changes directly into a gas


  3. tractiontransfer of heat or energy through rays of various wavelengths


  4. adhesionwater's attraction to other substances


  5. transpirationrelease of water vapor into the air by plants