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  1. chromosphere
  2. weather
  3. troposphere
  4. radiative zone
  5. weathering
  1. a breakdown and change of rocks and minerals over time
  2. b lower layer of the Sun's atmosphere
  3. c day-to-day changes in atmospheric conditions, including temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind, cloud coverage, or precipitation
  4. d layer of the atmosphere nearest the earth where most weather changes occur
  5. e middle layer of the Sun's interior

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  1. amount of air space between soil or rock particles
  2. surface of the Sun
  3. outer layer of the Sun's atmosphere
  4. water's attraction to other substances
  5. process by which plants use chlorophyll and energy from sunlight to manufacture food from carbon dioxide

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  1. corecenter of the Sun where nuclear fusion occurs


  2. pressurelarge, rotating current loops caused by the Coriolis effect


  3. droughtouter layer of the Sun's atmosphere


  4. astronomical unitwarm, moist climate zone near the equator


  5. latent heatheat released when water vapor condenses


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