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  1. solvent
  2. aquifers
  3. traction
  4. altitude
  5. latent heat
  1. a underground layers of permeable rock from which groundwater can be removed
  2. b pulling and rolling of large rocks by water or wind
  3. c heat released when water vapor condenses
  4. d height above the earth's surface
  5. e substance in which another substance is dissolved

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  1. weight or force upon something
  2. layer of the atmosphere nearest the earth where most weather changes occur
  3. a change of wind flow usually caused by mountains that produce moist conditions on one side and dry conditions on the other
  4. a large scale collection of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity
  5. mass of stone or metal that has passed through the atmosphere and struck the earth's surface

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  1. photosynthesisprocess by which plants use chlorophyll and energy from sunlight to manufacture food from carbon dioxide


  2. cyanobacteriasingle-celled photosynthetic bacteria


  3. nebuladry, cold climate zone above 60 degree latitude


  4. convective zoneregion within the Sun where energy moves through circulating streams of gas molecules


  5. hygrometermeasures relative humidity


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