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  1. maritime
  2. temperate
  3. continental
  4. galaxy
  5. pressure
  1. a type of temperate climate over land
  2. b seasonably variable climate zone between 40 and 60 degrees latitude, north or south of the equator
  3. c a large scale collection of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity
  4. d weight or force upon something
  5. e type of temperate climate near water

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  1. the layer of the atmosphere just above the stratosphere; burns up most meteors
  2. the transfer of heat between two stationary entities
  3. describes how carbon and oxygen are exchanged and recycled on Earth
  4. surface of the Sun
  5. allowing a fluid to pass through

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  1. thermospherelower layer of the Sun's atmosphere


  2. barometermeasures relative humidity


  3. salinitylong-term average of weather in an area


  4. tropospheresurface of the Sun


  5. droughta long period of unusually dry weather