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recognition distance

the distance the vehicle travels from the time the driver is able to identify a real or potential hazard and decide what action to take


a main road or thoroughfare, such as a street, boulevard, or parkway. available for public use for travel or transportation

private roads

are intended for use by a few private individuals, as distinguished from highways that are for public use


non use


occurs when its existence is terminated by the direct action of public officials


exclusively for stop signs


generally for guide signs


exclusively for yield signs


advance warning of no passing zones


exclusively to warn of existing or possible hazards on roadways or adjacent areas

vertical rectangle

generally for regulatory signs


school advance and school crossing signs


railroad advance warning signs


railroad crossing


color for motorist services guidance; used to identify oarking spaces for disabled drivers


color for construction and maintenance warning


color for public recreation areas, guidance to areas of cultural and historical significance


color for general warning and advisory of unexpected roadway conditions


colors for regulatory (2)

fluorescent yellow green

color for high emphasis warning of school, pedestrian, and bike activity


color for guide, directional info


color for stop, do not enter, wrong way


driving is a _____, not a right


when you change your residence address, you must have your license corrected with ___ number of days


the DMV keeps a public record of all your traffic convictions and accidents for___ number of years


convictions for DWI are maintained for __ number of years


The ___ must be in safe driving condition, pass a safety inspection, have a valid inspection sticker, current license plate and registration.


You must also present proof of ____ on the vehicle used on the test

inspection sticker

Every automobile, truck, trailer, boat trailer, and motorcycle operated on LA highways must have a current motor vehicle ___ _____.

stop sign

sign that means that you must stop completely
stop before:
- marked or unmarked crosswalk
- a stop line
- before entering the intersection

yield sign

sign that tells you to slow down and stop quickly if you must

do not enter

sign that indicates a one-way roadway with traffic coming against you

wrong way

sign that means you've made a wrong turn and entered a lane of oncoming traffic

one way

sign that means traffic flows only in the direction shown by the arrow


sign that means a route to be taken by traffic as an alternative to the normal route

do not pass

sign that means do not pass; if written on a pendant, it will always be on the left side of the road

orange warning signs

tell you that workers, machinery, and barricades are just ahead (slow down and change lanes if necessary)


most signs in work areas are ____ shaped


It is against the law to drive across ___ or ____ property to avoid a traffic control device

red light

light that means you must come to a complete stop

-may turn right except when prohibited by sign

yellow light

light that warns you it is about to turn red

green light

light that lets you drive

flashing red light

light that means you must come to a complete stop, used at dangerous intersections

flashing yellow light

light that means caution, slow down, and proceed accordingly

green arrow

light that means you may turn

yellow center lines

used to separate traffic on a one-way street
- must stay to right of centerline, may pass when safe

double solid yellow lines

may not cross these lines to pass, may pass these lanes to turn

white lines

separate lanes of traffic moving in the same direction

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