Urinary system

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benign prostatic hyperplasia
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fistulaAbnormal connection between two internal organs or between an organ and the body surfaceglomerulonephritisInflammation of the capillary loops in the glomeruli of the kidneyhydronephritisdistention of renal calyces and renal pelvis with urine as a result of obstruction of the outflow of urine distal to renal pelvisnephroptosisexcessive inferior displacement of the kidneys or kidney prolapsePhlebolithsPelvic vein calcificationspolycystic kidneyMassive enlargement of the kidney with the formation of many cystsRenal hypertensionincreased blood pressure to the kidneysRenal obstructionCondition preventing normal flow of urine through the urinary systemStenosisnarrowing or constriction of a passageTumornew tissue growth where cell proliferation is uncontrolledWilms tumorMost common pediatric abdominal neoplasm affecting the kidneyureteroceleballooning of the lower end of the ureter into the bladdervesicoureteral refluxbackflow of urine from the bladder into the ureters