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  1. The value of an established business property compared with the value of just the physical assets of a business that is not yet established.
  2. The cost that would result in a business's (or building's) having the same use and capabilities as the one being appraised, even though the new business/building might differ physically.
  3. Property appreciation is an advantage of investing in real estate.
  4. The intangible asset attributed to a business's reputation and the expectation of continued customer loyalty.
  5. The chance of losing all or part of an investment.
  6. The use of borrowed funds to finance the purchase of an asset.

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  1. investment valueThe worth of a building or property to an individual investor based on that investor's individual standards for achieving a goal.


  2. assetAnything of value.


  3. reproduction costThe amount required to duplicate exactly the business or building being appraised.


  4. cash flowAnything of value.


  5. income statementThe income statement is a concise summary of all income and expenses of a business for a stated period of time.


  6. balance sheetShows the company's financial position at a stated moment in time, the close of business on the date of the balance sheet.