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  1. productivity
  2. water cycle
  3. ecology
  4. acid rain
  5. r-strategists
  1. a nitric, nitrous, sulfurous, sulfric acid + water = pH 5.6 (acidic)
  2. b reproduce rapidly when area is uncrowded and resources are vast
  3. c water evaporates, forms clouds, and rains
    over land
    most water from plants
  4. d the rate at which organic matter is created by producers
  5. e the study of the interactions of organisms with their physical environment and with each other

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  1. latitude
  2. a level within the food chain
  3. Energy is lost as it gets passed on.
  4. animal eats animal or animal eats plant
  5. hormones in animals → people eat those animals → people get those hormones → birth defects

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  1. permafrostpermanently frozen subsoil found in farthest point north


  2. decomposers< 10 in of rainfall/yr.
    not even grasses survive
    most extreme temp. fluctuations
    daytime surface temp ~ 70° C
    barely vegetation --> heat is lost --> night is
    plants are drought resistant; annual
    most animals active during time when heat is
    not so intense; daytime: animals hide in


  3. Taigaincludes what an organism eats and what it needs to survive


  4. process of primary eco. successionno soil --> pioneer organisms (i.e. lichens & mosses) inhabit area --> rocks weathered & dead matter of pioneer organisms = soil --> grasses, bushes, trees come --> climax community


  5. classic population growthtotal # of individuals