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  1. deserts
  2. character displacement
  3. productivity
  4. parasitism
  5. population crashing factors
  1. a organism change PHENOTYPES in order to decrease competition
  2. b < 10 in of rainfall/yr.
    not even grasses survive
    most extreme temp. fluctuations
    daytime surface temp ~ 70° C
    barely vegetation --> heat is lost --> night is
    plants are drought resistant; annual
    most animals active during time when heat is
    not so intense; daytime: animals hide in
  3. c predation, parasitism, severe competition, end of resources, too much poisonous waste
  4. d 1 benefits (parasite) and 1 harmed (host) (+/-)
  5. e the rate at which organic matter is created by producers

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  1. 2 species cannot coexist in a community if they compete for the same resources in a shared niche
  2. NH₄⁺ --> NO₂⁻ --> NO₃⁻
    ammonium acids to nitrites to nitrates
  3. pathway along which energy is transferred from one trophic or feeding level to another
  4. producer --> primary consumer --> secondary consumer --> tertiary consumer
  5. 1. age at which it starts reproducing
    2. life span during which the organisms are capable of reproducing
    3. # of reproductive periods in the lifetime
    4. # of offspring/ pregnancy

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  1. secondary ecological successioncarnivores that eat primary consumers


  2. random spacingabsence of any special attractions or replusions


  3. Taigadrought-resistant plant with shallow roots to capture as much water as possible; can expand to hold extra water; spines


  4. mutualismlargest biome --- 3/4 of Earth
    most stable b/c temp vary little
    provides most of Earth's food and oxygen
    subdivided into regions based on amount of sunlight received, distance from shore, water depth, open water/ocean bottom


  5. ecosystemorganisms stay in groups together for protection