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  1. pesticides
  2. symbiotic relationship
  3. Energy is in the form of...
  4. ecosystem
  5. food chain
  1. a food
  2. b pathway along which energy is transferred from one trophic or feeding level to another
  3. c an interaction between two or more species that live together in direct contact
  4. d the community plus the non-living things they interact with
  5. e chemicals that kill organisms that we
    consider to be undesirable
    ex: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, mice/rat killers
    makes pests more resistant

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  1. the study of the interactions of organisms with their physical environment and with each other
  2. eat other animals
  3. 2(+) poisonous species look alike
  4. no soil --> pioneer organisms (i.e. lichens & mosses) inhabit area --> rocks weathered & dead matter of pioneer organisms = soil --> grasses, bushes, trees come --> climax community
  5. free N₂ --> NH₄⁺
    nitrogen to ammonium ions

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  1. density-dependent factorsno relationship with population density


  2. factors of biotic potential1. age at which it starts reproducing
    2. life span during which the organisms are capable of reproducing
    3. # of reproductive periods in the lifetime
    4. # of offspring/ pregnancy


  3. denitrifying bacteriafree N₂ --> NH₄⁺
    nitrogen to ammonium ions


  4. biomelarge regions of Earth that share similar rainfall and temp. and vegetation/animal life


  5. mutualismdecomposed organic matter of dead plants/animals


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