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  1. transpiration
  2. symbiotic relationship
  3. carbon cycle
  4. spines
  5. niche
  1. a modified leaves of cacti that protect against animals attacking it for water
  2. b when water evaporates from leaves
  3. c cell respiration of animals and bacterial decomposers (& burning of fossil fuels) add CO2 and remove O2 from air, but photosynthesis removes CO2 and adds O2 to air
  4. d an interaction between two or more species that live together in direct contact
  5. e includes what an organism eats and what it needs to survive

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  1. final stable community of primary eco. succession
  2. eat other animals
  3. water evaporates, forms clouds, and rains
    over land
    most water from plants
  4. photosynthetic protist producers that drift in the ocean
  5. group of individuals of one species living in one area who can interbreed and interact with each other

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  1. crop rotationchange plants in fields


  2. density of a populationtotal # of individuals


  3. biotic factorsphotosynthetic protist producers that drift in the ocean


  4. Changes in alt. are similar to changes in...latitude


  5. decomposersdead organic matter to NH₄⁺