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  1. biome
  2. spines
  3. Without decomposers...
  4. detritus
  5. ecosystem
  1. a the community plus the non-living things they interact with
  2. b the plants would die, therefore no life because decomposers put nutrients back into the soil.
  3. c modified leaves of cacti that protect against animals attacking it for water
  4. d large regions of Earth that share similar rainfall and temp. and vegetation/animal life
  5. e decomposed organic matter of dead plants/animals

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  1. carnivores that eat secondary consumers; top of the food chain; least stable trophic level b/c changes when other trophic level changes
  2. many food chains interwoven with each other
  3. cell respiration of animals and bacterial decomposers (& burning of fossil fuels) add CO2 and remove O2 from air, but photosynthesis removes CO2 and adds O2 to air
  4. change plants in fields
  5. dense canopy that allow little sunlight or rain on the floor

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  1. mark and recapturemaximum support of an environment for a population;


  2. Changes in alt. are similar to changes in...size, density, and dispersion.


  3. factors of biotic potentialchange plants in fields


  4. nicheincludes what an organism eats and what it needs to survive


  5. density-independent factorsno relationship with population density