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Social and Emotional Development

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Attachment theory
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Lorenz imprinted goslings
Harlow contact-seeking monkeys
1.Harlow's research showed that monkeys preferred the terry-cloth, soft "mother" over the wire "monkey" that provided food

Harlow's work illustrates that food alone is not the basis for attachment. Given that the monkeys' preference for the soft cloth "mothers" developed some time after birth, these findings are consistent with the research showing little support for the existence of a critical period for bonding between human mothers and infants immediately following birth.
1.Attachment provides home base through qualitatively unique relationship with individual who best provides safety
2.As children become more independent, they progressively roam further away from their secure base

3.In Bowlby's view, attachment is based primarily on infants' needs for safety and security—their genetically determined motivation to avoid predators. As they develop, infants come to learn that their safety is best provided by a particular individual.