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  1. this utility normally has a wizard which will help you locate intact copies of your files from a back up
  2. is used on the internet, because the files compressing well using a lossless compression technique
  3. this utility checks your system for virus software using a range of techniques
  4. They allow the user to edit at pixel level
  5. They are resolution independent, if you display the object on a system with high resolution output it will display perfectly in high resolution
  1. a GIF (2)
  2. b Recovery (2)
  3. c Advantages of Vector Graphics (2)
  4. d Virus Checker (1)
  5. e Advantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)

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  1. Virus Checker (2)
  2. Advantages of Vector Graphics (1)
  3. Advantages of Vector Graphics (3)
  4. Disk Editor (1)
  5. Disk Defragmenter (2)

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  1. is not suitable for Photographic Images which lose quality if stored in this 8 bit formatGIF (3)


  2. A complexed object with lots of layered objects, can demand a lot of storage spaceDisadvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)


  3. is an 8 bit colour code giving a maximum of 256 coloursGIF (1)


  4. They demand a lot of storage space, particularly when lots of colours are usedGIF (1)


  5. this utility is used to restore files that have been corruptedAdvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)