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  1. this can represent every type of graphic from monochrome or greyscale up to 24-bit colour
  2. Using this utility will free up disk space
  3. It is an essential part of system maintenance and security to run this utility on a regular basis
  4. this utility rearranges the contents of the hard disk, s that the data blocks that make up files are contiguous
  5. this utility checks your system for virus software using a range of techniques
  1. a Virus Checker (1)
  2. b Disk Editor (2)
  3. c TIFF (2)
  4. d Virus Checker (2)
  5. e Disk Defragmenter (1)

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  1. GIF (1)
  2. GIF (2)
  3. Advantages of Vector Graphics (2)
  4. Recovery (2)
  5. Disadvantages of Vector Graphics (1)

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  1. You can edit individual shapes in a graphicAdvantages of Vector Graphics (1)


  2. Storing a Bitmap will take the same amount of storage space no matter how complex you make the graphicAdvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (2)


  3. You can build up graphics by layering objectsAdvantages of Vector Graphics (1)


  4. A complexed object with lots of layered objects, can demand a lot of storage spaceDisadvantages of Vector Graphics (2)


  5. this is a utility which enables you to get rid of all sorts of unnecessary files that clutter up your systemDisk Editor (1)