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  1. this utility normally has a wizard which will help you locate intact copies of your files from a back up
  2. They demand a lot of storage space, particularly when lots of colours are used
  3. You can build up graphics by layering objects
  4. They are resolution independent, if you display the object on a system with high resolution output it will display perfectly in high resolution
  5. this utility rearranges the contents of the hard disk, s that the data blocks that make up files are contiguous
  1. a Advantages of Vector Graphics (3)
  2. b Disk Defragmenter (1)
  3. c Recovery (2)
  4. d Disadvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)
  5. e Advantages of Vector Graphics (2)

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  1. Disadvantages of Vector Graphics (2)
  2. GIF (3)
  3. Advantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)
  4. TIFF (2)
  5. Disk Defragmenter (2)

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  1. file format for bitmapped graphicsTIFF (1)


  2. Using this utility will free up disk spaceDisk Editor (2)


  3. You cannot isolate an individual object in a graphic and edit itAdvantages of Vector Graphics (1)


  4. You cannot edit individual pixelsAdvantages of Vector Graphics (1)


  5. is mainly used in Desktop Publishing PackagesTIFF (3)


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