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  1. defragmenting a disk frees up space and speeds up access times
  2. A complexed object with lots of layered objects, can demand a lot of storage space
  3. file format for bitmapped graphics
  4. is an 8 bit colour code giving a maximum of 256 colours
  5. this utility normally has a wizard which will help you locate intact copies of your files from a back up
  1. a Recovery (2)
  2. b TIFF (1)
  3. c GIF (1)
  4. d Disadvantages of Vector Graphics (2)
  5. e Disk Defragmenter (2)

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  1. Advantages of Vector Graphics (2)
  2. Disk Editor (2)
  3. TIFF (2)
  4. TIFF (3)
  5. Disadvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)

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  1. You cannot edit individual pixelsDisadvantages of Vector Graphics (1)


  2. is used on the internet, because the files compressing well using a lossless compression techniqueDisk Defragmenter (2)


  3. It is an essential part of system maintenance and security to run this utility on a regular basisVirus Checker (2)


  4. this is a utility which enables you to get rid of all sorts of unnecessary files that clutter up your systemDisk Editor (1)


  5. is not suitable for Photographic Images which lose quality if stored in this 8 bit formatTIFF (2)