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What is brand name of Atropine Sulfate
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What is brand name of Midazolam hydrochlorideVersedWhat is brand name of Hydroxyzine hydrochlorideVistarilWhat is generic name of AtropineAtropine sulfateWhat is generic name of Benadryldiphenhydramine hydrochlorideWhat is generic name of DemerolMeperidine hydrochlorideWhat is generic name of DopamineDopamine hydrochlorideWhat is generic name of EpinephrineAdrenalineWhat is generic name of GlucagonGlucagonWhat is generic name of MorphineMorphine sulfateWhat is generic name of NoctecChlorhaltige HydrateWhat is generic name of PhenerganPromethazine hydrochlorideWhat is generic name of ValiumDiazepamWhat is generic name of VersedMidazolam hydrochlorideWhat is generic name of VistarilHydroxyzine hydrochlorideWhy would Atropine Sulfate/ atropine be administered?Symptomatic bradycardia, bradyarrhythmiaWhy would Diphenhydramine/ Benadryl be administered?Allergic reactions, sedationWhy would meperidine/ Demerol be administered?Mild to moderate pain; adjunct to anesthesiaWhy would dopamine/ dopamine be administered?Shock, increase cardiac output, correct hypotensionWhy would adrenaline/ epinephrine be administered?Restore cardiac rhythm in cardiac arrest; bronchospam; anaphylaxisWhy would glucagon/ glucagon be administered?Slow peristalsis; prevent or decrease bowel spasmWhy would morphine sulfate / morphine be administered?Severe painWhy would chlorhaltige hydrate/ noctec be administered?SedationWhy would promethazine/ Phenergan be administered?Nausea, sedationWhy would diazepam/ Valium be administered?AnxietyWhy would midazolam/ versed be administered?Preoperative sedation, to induce sleepiness or drowsiness and relieve apprehensionWhy would hydroxyzine/ Vistaril be administered?Nausea and vomiting, anxiety, preoperative and postoperative adjunctive therapy