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  1. hypertension table
  2. -99 modifier
  3. -90 modifier
  4. Level I codes
  5. champva(civilian health and medical program of the veterans affairs)
  1. a created to provide medical benefits to spouses and children of veterans w/total, permanent service related disabilities or for surviving spouses and children of a veteran who died as a result of service related disability
  2. b multiple modifiers
  3. c consist of codes found in the cpt manual. they are five position numeric codes used to report physician services rendered to patients
  4. d reference (outside) lab
  5. e found in the index and contains a list of conditions that are due to or associated with hypertension

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  1. were used locally or regionally have been eliminated by the CMS since the implementation of the HIPAA.
  2. insurance company that bids for a contract w/CMS to handle the Medicare program in a specific area
  3. this is not specified as benign or malignant in the diagnosis or medical record
  4. includes a variety of services rendered by a surgeon which includes surgical procedure performed, local infiltration, metacarpal/metatarsal/digital block, or topical anesthesia, preoperative e/m services: on day immediately prior to or on the day of procedure, immediate postoperative care and normal, uncomplicated postoperative care
  5. supplementary classification codes used to describe the reason or external cause of injury, poisoning and other adverse effects

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  1. stand alone codesused for procedures that is always performed during the same operative session as another surgery in addition to the primary service/procedure and is never performed separately


  2. qualified diagnosisa working diagnosis which is not yet established


  3. categoriescomposed of 3 digit codes representing a single disease or condition. The 3 digit code is used only if it is not further subdivided


  4. HCPCS (healthcare common procedure coding systema collection of codes for procedures, supplies, products, and services that may be provided to medicare and medicaid beneficiaries and also to those enrolled in private health insurance programs


  5. alphabetic indexinstances when a correct substance properly taken is the cause of adverse effects