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  1. clearinghouse
  2. Level I codes
  3. coding
  4. HCPCS (healthcare common procedure coding system
  5. stand alone codes
  1. a process of converting diagnoses, procedures, and services into numeric and alphanumeric characters
  2. b consist of codes found in the cpt manual. they are five position numeric codes used to report physician services rendered to patients
  3. c an entity that receives transmissions of claims from physicians' offices, separates the claims by carriers and performs software edits on each claim to check for errors
  4. d a collection of codes for procedures, supplies, products, and services that may be provided to medicare and medicaid beneficiaries and also to those enrolled in private health insurance programs
  5. e contain the full description of the procedure for the code

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  1. temporary codes for emerging technology, services and procedures. if a category III code is avail., it is reported instead of a category I unlisted code
  2. created to provide medical benefits to spouses and children of veterans w/total, permanent service related disabilities or for surviving spouses and children of a veteran who died as a result of service related disability
  3. a contract between a policyholder, one who purchases the contract, and an insurance carrier, one who provides the benefits plan or a government program developed to reimburse the policyholder of all or most medical expenses
  4. developed to promote the interests and well being of the patients and residents of the healthcare facility.
  5. supplementary classification codes used to describe the reason or external cause of injury, poisoning and other adverse effects

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  1. volume 2this is the alphabetic index of volume 1


  2. subtermscomposed of a group of 3 digit categories representing a group of conditions or related conditions


  3. benignpoisoning was due to accidental overdose; wrong substance taken; accidents in use of drugs and biologicals; external causes of poisonings classifiable to 980-989


  4. unlisted proceduresconsided experimental, newly approved, or seldom used may not be listed in the CPT manual. located at the end of the subsectins or subheadings


  5. exclusions and limitationsconditions, situations, and services not covered by the insurance carrier


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