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  1. volume 1
  2. the patient care partnership(patient's bill of rights)
  3. neoplasm table
  4. qualified diagnosis
  5. clearinghouse
  1. a a working diagnosis which is not yet established
  2. b contains the disease and condition codes and the descriptions, also contains the V codes and E codes
  3. c developed to promote the interests and well being of the patients and residents of the healthcare facility.
  4. d an entity that receives transmissions of claims from physicians' offices, separates the claims by carriers and performs software edits on each claim to check for errors
  5. e located in the index and is organized by anatomic site

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  1. contains a list of drugs and chemicals with the corresponding poisoning codes and e codes
  2. cancer that is localized and has not spread to adjacent tissues or distant parts of the body
  3. unrelated e/m service by the same physician during a postoperative period
  4. poisoning was due to accidental overdose; wrong substance taken; accidents in use of drugs and biologicals; external causes of poisonings classifiable to 980-989
  5. uncertain whether benign or malignant; borderline malignancy

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  1. Civil monetary Penalties Law(cmpllaw passed by the federal government to prosecute cases of medicaid fraud


  2. provider identification number (PIN)number assigned to all health care providers by Medicare program


  3. 5 location methodscomposed of a group of 3 digit categories representing a group of conditions or related conditions


  4. 3 instance when -51 modifier is usedsame operation, different sites, multiple operations, same operative session, procedure performed multiple times


  5. codingprocess of converting diagnoses, procedures, and services into numeric and alphanumeric characters