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  1. indented codes
  2. point of service plan(pos)
  3. unspecified
  4. accident
  5. subterms
  1. a poisoning was due to accidental overdose; wrong substance taken; accidents in use of drugs and biologicals; external causes of poisonings classifiable to 980-989
  2. b listed under associated stand alone codes
  3. c a managed care plan that gives beneficiaries the option whom to see for services.
  4. d this is not specified as benign or malignant in the diagnosis or medical record
  5. e terms indented 2 spaces to the right below the main term; are also essential modifiers

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  1. contains codes for surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures; used primarily by hospitals
  2. cancer that has metastasized(spread) to a secondary site either adjacent or remote region of the body
  3. start w/a letter followed by four numbers and make up more than 2400 five digit alphanumeric codes divided to 22sections, each covering a related group of items
  4. temporary codes for emerging technology, services and procedures. if a category III code is avail., it is reported instead of a category I unlisted code
  5. insurance company that bids for a contract w/CMS to handle the Medicare program in a specific area

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  1. e/m codessupplementary classification codes used to identify health care encounters that occur for reasons other than illness or injury or to identify patients whose illness is influenced by special circumstances or problems


  2. volume 2this is the alphabetic index of volume 1


  3. -50 modifierbilateral procedure


  4. provider identification number (PIN)a managed care plan that gives beneficiaries the option whom to see for services.


  5. modifiersunrelated e/m service by the same physician during a postoperative period


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