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  1. indented codes
  2. neoplasm table
  3. secondary malignancy
  4. -78 modifier
  5. -99 modifier
  1. a multiple modifiers
  2. b listed under associated stand alone codes
  3. c return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period
  4. d located in the index and is organized by anatomic site
  5. e cancer that has metastasized(spread) to a secondary site either adjacent or remote region of the body

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  1. are the main division in the icd-9-CM
  2. services that are paid for are listed in the policy and payments are based on the fees physicians charge for the service. there is a deductible
  3. state based group of physicians working under government guideline to review cases and determine their appropriateness and quality of professional care
  4. index to external causes of injury (e codes)
  5. the type of plan a patient may have where they can see providers outside their plan

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  1. therapeutic useare the main division in the icd-9-CM


  2. 3 instance when -51 modifier is usedsame operation, different sites, multiple operations, same operative session, procedure performed multiple times


  3. unspecified naturea neoplasm is identified; however, no nature of the tumor is documented in the diagnosis or medical record


  4. v codespoisoning was due to accidental overdose; wrong substance taken; accidents in use of drugs and biologicals; external causes of poisonings classifiable to 980-989


  5. inpatientpatient who receives treatment in any of the following: dr's office, hospital clinic,er,hospital same day surgery unit, ambulatory surgical center, and hospital admission for observation