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  1. exclusions and limitations
  2. benign
  3. new patient
  4. unspecified nature
  5. alphabetic index section 3
  1. a conditions, situations, and services not covered by the insurance carrier
  2. b a neoplasm is identified; however, no nature of the tumor is documented in the diagnosis or medical record
  3. c index to external causes of injury (e codes)
  4. d one who has not received any medical services within the last 3 yrs.
  5. e mild or controlled hypertension and no damage to the vascualr system or organs

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  1. services that are paid for are listed in the policy and payments are based on the fees physicians charge for the service. there is a deductible
  2. used for procedures that is always performed during the same operative session as another surgery in addition to the primary service/procedure and is never performed separately
  3. the terms within parenthesis that may follow the main term in the index
  4. consided experimental, newly approved, or seldom used may not be listed in the CPT manual. located at the end of the subsectins or subheadings
  5. noninvasive, non-spreading, nonmalignant

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  1. subcategoriesprovide a 4 digit code which is more specific than category code in terms of cause, site, or manifestation of the condition


  2. champva(civilian health and medical program of the veterans affairs)each term is followed by the code or codes that apply to that term


  3. unspecifiedunrelated procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period


  4. relative value payment schedules methodthis involves the use of relative value scales which assign a relative weight to individual services according to the basis for the scale


  5. 79 modifierreturn to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period