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66 terms

expresate 1 chapter 5 verbos

yo almuerzo
I have lunch
tú almuerzas
you (fam.) have lunch
él almuerza
he has lunch
ella almuerza
she is having lunch
usted almuerza
you (form.) have lunch
nosotros almorzamos
we (m.) have lunch
nosotras almorzamos
we (f.) have lunch
ellos almuerzan
they (m.) have lunch
ellas almuerzan
they (f.) have lunch
ustedes no almuerzan
you (plural) don't have lunch
yo duermo
I sleep
tú duermes
you (fam.) sleep
él duerme
he sleeps
ella no duerme
she doesn't sleep
usted no duerme
you (formal) aren't sleeping
nosotros dormimos
we sleep
ellos no duermen
they (m.) don't sleep
ellas duermen
they (f.) are sleeping
yo empiezo
I begin
tú empiezas
you (fam.) begin
él empieza
he begins
ella empieza
she begins
nosotros empezamos
we begin
ellos empiezan
they (m.) begin
yo no entiendo
I don't understand
tú entiendes
you (fam.) understand
ella entiende
she understands
nosotras entendemos
we (f.) understand
ellas entienden
they (f.) understand
yo meriendo
I have a snack
tú meriendas
you (fam.) have a snack
usted merienda
you (form.) have a snack
nosotros merendamos
we have a snack
ustedes meriendan
you (plural) have a snack
it's raining
no llueve
it's not raining
va a llover
it's going to rain
no va a llover
it's not going to rain
yo vuelvo
I go back
tú vuelves
you (fam.) go back
él vuelve
he goes back
nosotros volvemos
we go back
nosotras volvemos
we (f.) go back
ellos vuelven
they (m.) go back
yo vivo
I live
tú vives
you (fam.) live
ella vive
she lives
nosotros vivimos
we live
ellos viven
they (m.) live
él cocina
he cooks
nosotras cocinamos
we (f.) cook
yo cocino
I cook
tú cortas
you (fam.) cut
ellos cortan
they (m.) cut
ella limpia
she cleans
nosotros limpiamos
we clean
usted limpia
you (form.) clean
yo estoy
I am (feelings, location)
tú estás
you (fam.) are (feelings, location)
él está
he is (feelings, location)
ella está
she is (feelings, location)
usted está
you (form.) are (feelings, location)
nosotros estamos
we are (feelings, location)
ellos están
they (m.) are (feelings, location)
ellas están
they (f.) are (feelings, location)
ustedes están
you (plural) are (feelings, location)