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EMC 4 - Proportions & Percents

Essential Math Concepts are a reorganization of the Grade 7 California standards into eight categories. The topics comprise 70% of the CST questions.

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An income based on percentage of sales, separate from fixed salary.
cross products
When the numerator of one fraction is multiplied by the denominator of another.
The amount by which the original price is reduced.
The difference between the price to the customer and the cost to the seller.
The ratio of a number to 100; percent means "per hundred": 25%=25 per 100 or 25/100.
percent of change
The difference of two numbers divided by the smaller to find increase, or divided by the larger to find decrease.
The amount pocketed by the seller.
An equation which states that two ratios are equivalent: 5/10=1/2.
A ratio that compares quantities of different units, such as miles per hour, price per pound: $3.25 per pound.
A comparison of two numbers or quantities: 3 to 5 or 3:5 or 3/5.
The ratio of the sclaed size of an object to the actual size of the object: 1cm:2m, meaning one centimeter scaled to represent 2 meters.
scale drawing
A drawing that has its dimensions related by a scale factor to the dimensions of the object it represents: scale is 1in:3ft.
similar figures
Figures that have the same shape but may not have the same size.
When common features exist between two objects.
unit rate
A rate in which the second term is 1: $2/1gram.