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The male reproductive cell.


The male gonads, which produce sperm and secrete male sex hormones.


The thick white fluid containing sperm that is ejaculated by the male genital tract.


The male reproductive organ. Used for ejaculation and the elimination of waste as urine.


Located outside of the body and composed of erectile tissue, a sac-like organ that contains the testes and protects them.


Structure in the male reproductive system that stores mature sperm cells.

Vas Deferens

Attached to the Epididymis, either of two ducts or tubes that allow sperm to pass from the testicles by carrying sperm around the bladder to the urethra.

Seminal Vesicle

Secretes an alkaline fluid that helps neutralize the sperm's acidity, enhances sperm's mobility by adding a thick milky fluid.

Prostate Gland

Golf ball sized organ that secretes prostaglandins that help keep sperm alive.


The production of sperm cells.

Pituitary Gland

Gives off FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone).

# of chambers per teste

20 to 30

Sperm production depends on.....

The amount of hormones involved.
Environmental Factors


The propulsion of semen from the urethra of the penis.


Surrounds the glans penis.


The uppermost area of the penis.


Process that occurs when a penis swells with blood and elongates.

Cowper's Gland (Bulbourethral Gland)

Releases cleansing materials prior to ejaculation that clean the urethral channel.

Nurse Cells

Surround immature sperm cells.

Male Reproductive System

Gonads, Testes, Genital Ducts, Ductus(vas)deferens, Urethra. Accessory Organs (Prostate, Genitalia, Penis, Scrotum).


Sperm cell w/ 46 chromosomes (Fact: We want 23!)

# of chromosomes a mature sperm cell has....



Sex cells


The male sex hormone.

somniferous tubule

Small sections or cubules that create divisions within the Testes.

What processes are included?

Meiosis I and Meiosis II

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