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Identifying Tissues

with pictures
Adipose tissue cells
large fate droplets push nuclei to edge
Bone tissue
Hyaline Cartilage cells
located in lacunae surrounded by extracellular matric with fine collagenous fibers
Skeletal Muscle tissue
striated muscle fibers with many nuclei
SImple Columnar Epithelial
single layer, enlongated cells. have microvilli an goblet cells.
Blood tissue
red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in fluid matrix.
Simple squamous epithelial
Single layer of tightly packed, flat cells.
Tranisitional epithelial
Appears thinner when the tissue stretches when the organ is distended
many large collagenous fibers in matrix
Dense regular connective tissue
tightly packed collagenous fibers. thick, interwoven and randomly organized.
Reticular connective tissue
network of thin collagenous fibers in a three deminsional network- fibroblasts and white blood cells.
Areolar Loose Connective
numerous fibroblasts that produce collagenoue and elastic fibers
Elastic cartilage
elastic fibers in matrix
Cardiac Muscle
branched and interconnected, with a silge nucleus in each.
Smooth muscle
spindle shaped cells, each with a large nucleus.
Simple cuboidal epithelium
sing layer of tightly packed, cube cells.
Pseudosratified columnar epithelium
cell nuclei are located at different levels