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Adipose tissue cells

large fate droplets push nuclei to edge

Bone tissue

Hyaline Cartilage cells

located in lacunae surrounded by extracellular matric with fine collagenous fibers

Skeletal Muscle tissue

striated muscle fibers with many nuclei

SImple Columnar Epithelial

single layer, enlongated cells. have microvilli an goblet cells.

Blood tissue

red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in fluid matrix.

Simple squamous epithelial

Single layer of tightly packed, flat cells.

Tranisitional epithelial

Appears thinner when the tissue stretches when the organ is distended


many large collagenous fibers in matrix

Dense regular connective tissue

tightly packed collagenous fibers. thick, interwoven and randomly organized.

Reticular connective tissue

network of thin collagenous fibers in a three deminsional network- fibroblasts and white blood cells.

Areolar Loose Connective

numerous fibroblasts that produce collagenoue and elastic fibers

Elastic cartilage

elastic fibers in matrix

Cardiac Muscle

branched and interconnected, with a silge nucleus in each.

Smooth muscle

spindle shaped cells, each with a large nucleus.

Simple cuboidal epithelium

sing layer of tightly packed, cube cells.

Pseudosratified columnar epithelium

cell nuclei are located at different levels

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