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  1. decreased
  2. Joey Smallwood (Canada's Walter Cronkite)
  3. 3.3 million
  4. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization; tried to create harmony between English and French Canadians; worked for a more environmentally friendly Canada
  5. Quebec (China, US, GB); allied food resources, air transports, POWs, atomic energy (has 1/3 of Uranium)
  1. a Where were two wartime conferences held in 1943 and 1944? What were the topics?
  2. b What newscaster promoted the joining of Newfoundland to Canada?
  3. c What is UNESCO World Heritage Site?
  4. d Post-World War II trade with Europe ____
  5. e When Canada became a dominion, what was its population?

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  1. What are the 10 provinces of Canada?
  2. What is the Canadian constitution's slogan?
  3. Canada gains full independence from British
  4. Prior to WW1, Canada was what kind of nation?
  5. University, quadruples enrollment in universities

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  1. The Medium is the MessageIn what year did British Columbia join the dominion?


  2. 1962; due to Eisenhower trucking industryIn what year was the Trans-Canada highway completed?


  3. 75%__% of all US Natural gas imports come from Canada


  4. New EnglandPost-World War II trade with Europe ____


  5. 10thThe Canadian economy is the ___ largest in the world