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  1. Liberal Party
  2. 48% (in America - 52%)
  3. Canadian education post WWII
  4. Lion, Unicorn
  5. ...
  1. a What party was Laurier a member of?
  2. b University, quadruples enrollment in universities
  3. c What two figures appear on either side of the shield of Arms of Canada?
  4. d numbers of teachers and schools double because baby boom, vets
  5. e By what percentage did annual per capita income decrease in Canada between 1928 and 1933?

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  1. These 3 provinces have the most oil reserves.
  2. In what year was the Trans-Canada highway completed?
  3. The highest unemployment is in what group of provinces?
  4. What are the 2 houses of Parliament?
  5. What province was the first with hospital insurance plan and universal prepaid medical care?

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  1. OttawaIn what city did the first dominion parliament meet in 1867?


  2. 1608In what year was Quebec City founded?


  3. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia60,000 refugees immigrated from these three countries in 1979 and 1980


  4. WhiteThese people immigrated into Canada in 1989 after Tienanmen Square uprising.


  5. Canadian Pacific, 1885 (Trans - Canada) and population begins to emergeThe ____ ____ railroad was completed in what year?