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  1. Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  2. Chinese, Indians, Caribbean peoples
  3. US
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Montreal
  1. a 30,000 to 40,000 of __ citizens immigrated into Canada to avoid the draft.
  2. b These 3 groups are currently immigrating into Canada
  3. c What is the largest French-speaking city in the Americas?
  4. d In which city was there a general strike between unions and metal workers in 1919?
  5. e These 3 provinces have the most oil reserves.

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  1. 75% of Canadian population was in what two provinces when Canada became a dominion?
  2. What two figures appear on either side of the shield of Arms of Canada?
  3. What are the 2 houses of Parliament?
  4. This individual coined the term, "global village"
  5. Major Ethnic Groups in Canada

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  1. 1949; Newfies needed money, better education (built schools), fishing industryNewfoundland (The Rock) remained independent until what year?


  2. Kim CampbellWho is Canada's only woman prime minister?


  3. 2/13/1947 - largest oil finds in world historyImport Oil Outside Edmonton, Alberta; sell more energy' exporter


  4. 2 billionWhat is the largest animal native to Canada?


  5. tripledCanada had the ___ largest navy in the world after World War II?