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  1. 99%
  2. China, Korea, Japan, India
  3. A short post war boom then a 3 year trade slump due to change in climate (El Nino), Dust Bowl, European Economy going down, and lack of war time government contracts
  4. Marshall McLuhan
  5. 4th
  1. a What 4 main groups invested heavily in Vancouver?
  2. b Literacy Rate
  3. c Canada had the ___ largest air force in the world after World War II?
  4. d What followed after WW1?
  5. e This individual coined the term, "global village"

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  1. What is the largest French-speaking city in the Americas?
  2. What industries were extremely developed and vital during World War II?
  3. What does the lion represent on the shield of Arms of Canada?
  4. What are the main resources/industries in modern Canada?
  5. What is the largest animal native to Canada?

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  1. Quebec (China, US, GB); allied food resources, air transports, POWs, atomic energy (has 1/3 of Uranium)Where were two wartime conferences held in 1943 and 1944? What were the topics?


  2. 100,000, 6,500How many Canadians served in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II, and how many died?


  3. 3.3 millionWho founded Quebec City?


  4. WhiteThese people immigrated into Canada in 1989 after Tienanmen Square uprising.


  5. LaurierWho was the first French-Canadian prime minister


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