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  1. 33.5% (1/3)
  2. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
  3. US, Japan, Great Britain
  4. 1982
  5. 2nd
  1. a 60,000 refugees immigrated from these three countries in 1979 and 1980
  2. b What percentage of the world's total uranium was produced in Canada in 1991?
  3. c Canada gains full independence from British
  4. d By 1957, Canada was a leading oil producer, and now has the ___ largest reserves.
  5. e What are Canada's main three trade partners?

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  1. In what year was Quebec City founded?
  2. By 1949, veterans in college nearly ___ pre-war University enrollments
  3. How much did trade increase after NAFTA began in 1994?
  4. What two concepts does the unicorn stand for on the shield of Arms of Canada?
  5. 30,000 to 40,000 of __ citizens immigrated into Canada to avoid the draft.

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  1. 1959 (Montreal to Lake Erie )The St. Lawrence Seaway was completed in what year?


  2. 1867When was the Canadian Dominion formed?


  3. Work CampsWho is Canada's only woman prime minister?


  4. Timber, Oil, Mining, Aircraft, Fishing, Insurance, Natural gas,What are the main resources/industries in modern Canada?


  5. 3rdCanada had the ___ largest navy in the world after World War II?