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  1. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
  2. 10th
  3. Ontario and Quebec
  4. Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  5. Duty, Valor, Pride
  1. a These 3 provinces have the most oil reserves.
  2. b 75% of Canadian population was in what two provinces when Canada became a dominion?
  3. c 60,000 refugees immigrated from these three countries in 1979 and 1980
  4. d What do the three leaves of the Canadian maple leaf represent?
  5. e The Canadian economy is the ___ largest in the world

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  1. Canadian farms grew what three goods for the Western allies in World War I?
  2. What metal was produced by Canada for artillery shells (90% came from Canada)?
  3. What are the main Service Sector jobs? (3/4 of Canadian jobs)
  4. What does the lion represent on the shield of Arms of Canada?
  5. What are the main languages of Canada?

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  1. China, Korea, Japan, IndiaIn what 3 places did Canadian troops mostly see action in during World War II?


  2. Kim CampbellWhat is the largest French-speaking city in the Americas?


  3. Bay of FundyWhat is the largest animal native to Canada?


  4. Liberal PartyWhat party was Laurier a member of?


  5. Quebec CityWhat was the first city in North America designated as a UNESCO site?