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  1. Atomic Energy Commission, World Food Bank, International Civil Aviation Authority
  2. Newfoundland, 335
  3. United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization
  4. 1962; due to Eisenhower trucking industry
  5. Retail, Insurance and Baking (both provide Canada with most $$$), Real Estate, and Tourism (fastest growing)
  1. a What province has the last farmland, and how many square kilometers does it have?
  2. b Canada's status as a middle world power was increased through its principal membership in what three organizations?
  3. c What does UNESCO stand for (mentioned in notes, but not sure if important)?
  4. d What are the main Service Sector jobs? (3/4 of Canadian jobs)
  5. e In what year was the Trans-Canada highway completed?

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  1. Who founded Quebec City?
  2. What three groups moved in large numbers to Canada immediately after World War II?
  3. What does Canada mean in the Huron-Iroquois language?
  4. numbers of teachers and schools double because baby boom, vets
  5. The dominion parliament passed what act in August of 1914?

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  1. Wheat, flour, cattleCanadian farms grew what three goods for the Western allies in World War I?


  2. 33.5% (1/3)What percentage of the world's total uranium was produced in Canada in 1991?


  3. Northwestern Territory, Nunavut Territory, Yukon TerritoryWhat are the 3 territories of Canada?


  4. Humiliation DayJuly 1st is known as what to Chinese due to the mass deportation of Chines on July 1st, 1923?


  5. 1871 (East to West)In what year did British Columbia join the dominion?