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  1. Parliament
  2. Checks and Balances
  3. Delegate
  4. Cabinet
  5. Electoral College
  1. a A group of the President's most important advisers.
  2. b A group of officials chosen by citizens to vote for the President and Vice President.
  3. c The lawmaking body of the British government.
  4. d A representative.
  5. e A system that gives each branch of government different powers so that each branch can watch over the authority of the others.

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  1. Not taking a side in a disagreement.
  2. A group whose members seek to elect government officials who share the group's points of view about many issues.
  3. A soldier who serves for pay in the military of a foreign nation.
  4. To cancel, or undo, a law.
  5. An order from a leader to the citizens.

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  1. FederalistA system of government in which the authority to govern is shared by the central and state governments.


  2. Turning PointLand that belongs to a national government but is not a state.


  3. Magna CartaThe English charter granted in 1215 by King John. It lists the rights of the royal class and limits the rights of the king.


  4. GapA place in which a river divides.


  5. LibertyTo reject.