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  1. Delegate
  2. Anti-Federalist
  3. Bill of Rights
  4. Public Opinion
  5. Commerce
  1. a Trade.
  2. b A representative.
  3. c The point of view held by the majority of people.
  4. d A list of freedoms. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
  5. e A citizen who was against ratification of the Constitution.

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  1. A system of government in which the authority to govern is shared by the central and state governments.
  2. A law or set of laws.
  3. A group whose members seek to elect government officials who share the group's points of view about many issues.
  4. A group of the President's most important advisers.
  5. Not taking a side in a disagreement.

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  1. Turning PointA single event that causes important and dramatic change.


  2. CandidateA person running for office.


  3. TraitorTo provide or pay for housing at no cost to another person.


  4. MonopolyThe complete control of a product or service.


  5. Reserved PowersAuthority that belongs to the states or to the people, not to the national government.


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