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  1. Liberty
  2. Pioneer
  3. Justice
  4. Bill of Rights
  5. Due Process of Law
  1. a A list of freedoms. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
  2. b Fairness.
  3. c The principle that guarantees the right to a fair public trial.
  4. d A person who first settles a new place.
  5. e The freedom of people to make their own laws.

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  1. A complaint.
  2. The act of speaking on behalf of someone else.
  3. A formal agreement among nations, states, or individuals to cooperate.
  4. One who works against one's own government. (BENEDICT ARNOLD)
  5. A plan for spending money.

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  1. AllyA partner in an alliance; a friend, especially in times of war.


  2. Federal SystemAfter the American Revolution, a citizen who wanted a strong national government and was in favor of ratifying the Constitution.


  3. AllegianceA representative.


  4. DeclarationAn official statement.


  5. Checks and BalancesThis war began as a competition between Britain and France for control of the Ohio Valley region.