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  1. Impeach
  2. Checks and Balances
  3. Gap
  4. Census
  5. Negotiate
  1. a A system that gives each branch of government different powers so that each branch can watch over the authority of the others.
  2. b To talk with another to work out an agreement.
  3. c An opening or a low place between mountains.
  4. d An official population count.
  5. e To accuse a government official, such as the President, of

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  1. An ancient symbol of peace.
  2. To use warships to prevent other ships from entering or leaving a harbor.
  3. A plan for spending money.
  4. A single event that causes important and dramatic change.
  5. The freedom of people to make their own laws.

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  1. IndependenceA law or set of laws.


  2. CommerceA person who first settles a new place.


  3. ProclamationAn official statement.


  4. AllyA partner in an alliance; a friend, especially in times of war.


  5. PacifistA believer in the peaceful settlement of differences.