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  1. Inflation
  2. Declaration
  3. Due Process of Law
  4. Principle
  5. Mercenary
  1. a An official statement.
  2. b A rule that is used in deciding how to behave.
  3. c The principle that guarantees the right to a fair public trial.
  4. d A soldier who serves for pay in the military of a foreign nation.
  5. e An economic condition in which more money is needed to buy goods and services than was needed earlier.

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  1. A form of government in which people elect representatives to govern the country. (ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION)
  2. Trade.
  3. Unacceptable.
  4. To talk with another to work out an agreement.
  5. Fairness.

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  1. OrdinanceA law or set of laws.


  2. LibertyThe freedom of people to make their own laws.


  3. PreambleThe act of working against one's own government.


  4. RepealTo cancel, or undo, a law.


  5. EarthworkTo provide or pay for housing at no cost to another person.